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For months I’d been pinning boutonniere’s I liked for Sherrod and his groomsmen on Pinterest, but he had other plans. In fact, he didn’t want to wear a boutonniere at all. I was not happy about it, but I also wasn’t surprised because this is the same guy who told me that he didn’t want any wedding colors except black and white… *sigh*.

Instead, he said he wanted to wear a “lapel pin.” In my head, I was thinking “a lapel pin— huh? What? Why?!” It may have showed a little in my voice because he began to explain “…a lapel pin, like the one Ray Lewis wears.” I still wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I certainly wasn’t going to allow my groom to don a Baltimore Ravens pin at our wedding—no offense to the Ravens fans out there 😉 . However, a few Google image searches later, I discovered what he really meant.

Ah hah! Gotcha! BUT I still didn’t like it.

Not wanting to be completely dismissive, I did more searches because first impressions can be misleading. The more looking I did, the more I softened on it. I found quite a few websites devoted to men’s fashion that tout the flower lapel pin as must have accessories for men’s suiting right next to cufflinks and pocket squares. There was so much variety in flower lapel pins—the fabrics, the patterns, and the sizes. As with every fashion, you have to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are a few looks that caught my eye:

Flower Lapel Pins

Source Clockwise: Lily Lapel | Navy Polka Dot | Black and White Polka Dot | Small White Flower Lapel | Fluffy White Lapel | Pink Patterned Flower Lapel


This may never happen again, so I’m going to just say it:  Sherrod, if you’re reading this, I was wrong. 😉

Flower lapel pins have equal parts swank and class. When done appropriately, they can elevate a man’s overall look. The more I searched, the more I began to notice top athletes, artists, and fashion designers wearing flower lapel pins including LeBron James, Justin Timberlake, and Tom Ford. Kevin Durant is one of Sherrod’s favorite NBA players, and when I saw him in the flower lapel pin I waved the white flag.

Celebrities in Flower Lapel PinSource L-R:  LeBron James | Justin Timberlake | Tom Ford

Kevin DurantSource:  Kevin Durant

So, it looks like the fellas are going to be wearing flower lapel pins…

The only thing not to like at this point is the cost (if you’re on a budget). From a quick survey of the websites selling flower lapel pins, the lowest cost I’ve seen them run is $20. Our bridal party is kinda big and we need anywhere from twelve to fifteen pins to cover all of the distinguished gentlemen, and paying $240 is out of the question at this point.

Instead of buying them, I’m going to try my hand at making them myself. There are millions of tutorials out there about how to make fabric flowers. There’s nothing new about that. I found a few I liked while perusing Jessica’s Pinterest boards . If you’re not following her, then you’re missing out…

I’m not thrilled about the prospect of another DIY project, but I love making Sherrod happy! Marriage is all about compromise, so I might as well start now!

Wish me luck!!


UPDATE: While searching for a few video tutorials, I came across a new small business that only makes flower lapel pins for men, Harrison Blake. They're offering specials on bulk purchases of lapel pins with free shipping which brings the cost down to about $7 per pin, and this has made me reconsider adding this on as a DIY project. I'm sure I could save money doing this as a DIY, but I may not have the time.  For now, I'm still undecided, but I’ll let you know when it’s all said and done!


You can also check out these lapel pins from some of The Budget Savvy Bride's affiliate partners here:

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  • Definitely understand if you don’t have the time. Sounds like you need a lot of lapel pins! I have a friend who makes a lot of her own hair barrettes and bows, and I’m wondering if you could buy them on the cheap at a craft store. You might have to add the pin part, and who knows what kind of variety they have. I did look at Jo-Ann awhile back, and they do have some cute flowers if that’s what you’re going for. Keep us updated!

  • sarah

    Ps: My lapel pins have buttons at the back.

  • Jane

    If you like the Harrison Blake aesthetic, he would probs give you a discount… he started out in November, and it would probably be good for him to have pix from real weddings…

  • Zee

    Thank you for this! My husband just told about lapel pins tonight for our wedding. I like them.. But trying to find inexpensive ones. Of not.. I’m going to try to make them as well. Thanks for the sites.. I’ll check them out!

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