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How to Get the Groom Involved in the Wedding Planning Process

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Want to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process? Check out these three tips from the guys at Sartoro, an amazing source for custom suiting for weddings!


You may have heard it said that if your relationship can make it through planning a wedding together, you’ll be fine. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be hard, and here at The Budget Savvy Bride, our mission is to make it fun, simple, and stress-free. The wedding planning process can actually bring you and your groom (or bride) closer together and be FUN for both of you!

How to get the groom involved in wedding planning

Many grooms tend to think their work is done the moment you said yes when he romantically got down on one knee (hey, planning a proposal is a lot of work!)  Now the time has come to plan the wedding, and you may feel like you’re doing it all (while fitting in extra sessions at the gym and spray tans) and you really need your man to pull his weight. An important thing to remember is that the groom often has NO idea what he’s doing or how to help you!

We chatted with our friends at Sartoro to get some insight into the male mind, and exactly what may be going through your grooms’ heads while wedding planning. Here are three tips from a groom’s perspective to help get him involved, and for the two of you to make it the best day ever:

1. Make it fun

Planning a wedding can become a full-time job if you try to tackle it alone. Pretty quickly after the engagement, many girls tell me it feels like wedding planning is a major inconvenience and that they were in it alone. Instead of making it a drag, it can help to plan monthly “wedding dates” with your fiancé. This is dedicated time where you and your partner can focus on whatever wedding tasks need to get done that month: from the invite list, shining up thrift shop wine glasses, or going on road trips to hit garage sales.  

Need extra backup? You could even invite some friends or family along to join and lend a hand (paying them in wine or a home-cooked meal!) Not only does it help to tackle the to-do list together, but it can build up the anticipation in a really fun way and get friends and family involved.  

2. Divide and conquer

Most men will admit it– they aren’t always the best at reading between the lines when it comes to things their leading ladies are looking for. If you’re waiting for him to jump in to take the reins on his planning items, you may be waiting a while (and build up resentment, naturally)!  Give your future hubby specific and actionable tasks that he can own.

Sometimes just seeing a list can really get his competitive juices flowing– he may try to see how he can most efficiently knock them out (and report back to you on your wedding planning date night). Bonus points if you assign him tasks he’s likely to be adept at or interested in: like picking out your signature cocktails or the reception playlist.

3. Let him own his look

As the bride, you may feel like this day is all about you, and grooms understand that. But there are certain details that our men want to have creative ownership of, too. Most importantly for him… the suits he and his groomsmen will wear on the big day! Having the suit fit the style and vibe of the wedding is important, but allow him ownership to come up with styles and ideas that might work. And for us ladies, we need to remember that whatever he feels best in will be the right choice (maybe with just a little helpful style guidance!) 

The process of selecting the perfect suit style is a very personal decision for the groom. It naturally causes a chain reaction in his brain. He’ll start envisioning the details of the day and how he wants to look standing next to you. Let your guy take ownership of his own wedding day style. A little element of surprise could be good for you, too! Then you’ll both get that same rush of emotion the first time you see each other in your wedding attire!

Custom suits are a great way to make this fun for your groom. If that’s of interest, we’ve got some great news for both of you!

sartoro custom grey suits

Sartoro Custom Wedding Suits

Sartoro makes the process of designing a custom suit fun, easy and all online. Your hubby can design look ideas from the ground up, picking the jacket type, buttons, lining, pockets and more. Have him head over to the suits section of their site to check out what they offer.

To celebrate our partnership with the guys at Sartoro, we are thrilled to share an exclusive discount on Sartoro’s bespoke suits with BSB readers!

Sartoro is already known for making premium custom suits (this quality usually costs $900+, but theirs start at just $469 – totes budget-savvy!) But BSB readers will get an even BETTER deal:


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Just make sure you book your virtual appointment now because they’ve told us this deal could be ending very soon. It’s like a super secret offer for savvy couples. Cool, right?

Oh yeah, did we mention, they’re all online? Perfect for groomsmen spread across the country. Doesn’t get much better than that.

In Closing

Don’t let your wedding planning process be a drag on your relationship.

Make it fun! Give him a list of items he can own! And let your man pick out an amazing suit (with your help, of course) while still saving a ton!

Best of luck with your planning!

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Want to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process? Check out these three tips from the guys at Sartoro.
Want to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process? Check out these three tips from the guys at Sartoro.
Want to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process? Check out these three tips from the guys at Sartoro.



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