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Groomsmen Gifts for the Guys Who Have Everything

Happy Thanksgiving!

Who doesn't love food, family, friends, and fun?!

This week we received one half of the groomsmen gifts in the mail so I thought I could tell y'all a little about how we arrived at this idea!

J and his friends have been in at least two wedding each. They all have received the monogrammed flasks, cool pocket knives, key chains, bottle openers, and every other budget friendly groomsmen gift you see on Etsy. We were tasked with finding gifts for the guys who have everything! Luckily, I actually stumbled upon this idea while browsing for Christmas gifts for my dad! It is unique and something that most guys will use (and maybe enjoy), but probably won't buy for themselves – Vintage Shave Kits.

Once I got the idea in my head and approved by J, I set out on my research adventure. I found this very reasonably priced kit at Kohls.com. My vision included at least the brush and the shave cream – ideally a little dish too, but we can't always get everything we want.

tri-coastal-design-peppermint-shave-butter-kitYou can find the same one here. (sorry, it's sold out!)

Next, we got the idea to give them a custom toiletry bag, to stick with the theme. I have a feeling each of them could actually use one of these bags as well! The best place to shop for these kinds of things is always Etsy.com! I found this very reasonable shop and this is the bag we chose.



She also has a HUGE selection of other things! Check it out!

Additionally, we will add some small essentials in there – headache medicine, aftershave, etc.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but J has eight groomsmen! I was able to get a super sweet coupon of 15% off my entire order on Kohls.com, bringing my total for the Shave kits to about $90 [I ordered J one too, though, at that price!]. Eight of the custom bags are going to run us about $150 dollars. I figure we will spend an extra 30 bucks on the other smaller items. That brings the grand total to 34 dollars per groomsmen gift.

You don't want to be cheap on your groomsmen. After all, they are typically spending quite a bit of money to stand up there with you after the tux, parties, gifts, etc. – but that doesn't mean you shouldn't search for the best deal on what you want. I am excited because I think the guys will really like this gift (and it will make for some awesome pictures while they are getting ready the morning of the wedding shaving their faces)!

Next week, I will dish out what I plan on doing for my girls!

What sort of gifts are you planning that won't break your bank?

Please share your ideas in the comments section below – as we have learned, this wedding planning business takes a village!!


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