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I am a planner. Completely and unapologetically so. I like sorting things out, making lists, and filing things. So one of the THE MOST exciting things about planning my wedding… has been that actual act of PLANNING my wedding (all those ideas and tutorials!). Here’s how I organized my wedding inspiration.

First up: The Binder

wedding inspiration planning

Within a few days of getting engaged, I had hit up my local bookstore for a wedding planner… and they were all found lacking. Either they were ridiculously over-the-top (ala planning the Royal Wedding) or they were HOT PINK. Anyhoo, I ended up finding a hot pink one that had great content on well-designed contemporary pages. So I bought that and then picked up a more modern looking binder from Target to make one. Check out how I ended up DIYing my own wedding planning binder.

Next: Magazine and Book Inspiration

 wedding inspiration planning

I am a diehard reader so I naturally turned to the written word first for my wedding inspiration. For magazines, I was all over Martha Stewart Weddings, the Southern Living Weddings issue, and the Real Simple Wedding guide. I kept a little thing of sticky flags and a highlighter next to me and when I would find a great idea – I could highlight and/or flag it for reference later.

For books, I also really liked the Simply Stunning Weddings books and the Handmade Weddings book. Both had great ideas and DIY projects that were set up by theme or party style. Adore!

*I'm a part of several affiliate programs with companies that I enjoy and shop from on a regular basis. If you purchase one of these linked items, I will recieve a wee kickback as a thank you from the company. Thanks for understanding!

Last: Online Inspiration

wedding inspiration planning

 Three Words, y'all. Pinterest. Wedding Gawker. Between the two, I think I actually found the bulk of my wedding inspiration. I've pinned and favorited so many GREAT ideas from bloggers and craftpersons all over the Internet. I also love that I don't have to lug around my wedding binder or flagged magazines all the time. If I'm trying to explain an idea to someone, 9 times out of 10 all I have to do is pull up Pinterest on my phone and show them an idea I'm working off of.

So, that's my planning and inspiration ideas. What are y'all doing to find and organize yours?

wedding inspiration planning


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