You can plan a wedding on whatever budget you've got, but how do you go about setting your wedding budget? Determining how much you can afford to spend on your wedding can feel like a daunting task, and that's before you even begin allocating your funds to various aspects of your day.

This page contains all the info you need to know about wedding budgets. From how to talk to your partner and families about money for the wedding, to how to calculate your total budget.

You don't have to go into debt to have a beautiful wedding

If there's one thing we believe here at The Budget Savvy Bride, it's that you can have a beautiful, meaningful wedding no matter what budget you're working with. We wholeheartedly encourage couples to plan #debtfreeweddings so that they can start their marriages off on solid financial footing.

Starting off your marriage in debt for a wedding you couldn't actually afford is not the best idea. Learn more about planning a debt-free wedding here.

If you want more guided help in planning your wedding, make sure to pick up a copy of our best-selling wedding planner: The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer.

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Talking to your partner and families about your wedding funds

First thing's first. After you've defined your vision for your wedding day, it's time to sit down and talk money with all contributing parties. If you're looking for help discussing money with your partner and your families, take a look at these helpful posts:

☑️ Have the wedding budget talk

Bite the bullet and discuss your budget with your partner and your families. Learn how to best navigate the tricky financial discussions involved with planning a wedding in this post.

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Setting your wedding budget for the big day

If you're looking for help setting the budget for your wedding, we've got the information and advice you need! Start with the following posts:

💰 Creating the budget for your big day

💰 How to Set Your Wedding Budget

💰 Budgeting for your wedding and beyond

💰 Planning a Debt-Free Wedding

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See what weddings typically cost in your area

Visit the resources below to view the average reported costs of weddings in your area and across the country. From the Knot's Real Wedding Study to


🔍 The Knot Real Weddings Study

🔍 The Most Affordable Cities to Get Married In

🔍 The Cost of Wedding Loans by State

🔍 View our Real Weddings by Location

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Get inspired by savvy real weddings on a budget

If you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed about pulling off a wedding you're proud of on a modest budget, browse our real wedding archives for tons of inspiration. 1000s of real couples share their wedding budget breakdowns to prove it's possible to have an amazing wedding without spending a fortune.

💒 Browse Real Weddings by Budget

We only publish events on a total wedding budget of $25,000 or less, and each real wedding includes a breakdown of the budget so you can see how a couple spent their money. These sample budgets are incredibly helpful, especially if you're working with a smaller budget. We've even featured $1,000 weddings and elopements! There are real weddings to inspire you from all across the US and at all different price points. Most of the weddings we've published are $15,000 or less– which is less than 1/2 the national “averages” reported.

💒 View sample wedding budgets from real weddings

View events on a $5,000 wedding budget

View events on a $10,000 wedding budget

View events on a $15,000 wedding budget

View events on a $20,000 wedding budget

View real weddings with sample wedding budgets & budget breakdowns by clicking the button below!

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The best ways to save up for your wedding

Need to save money to cover some of the wedding expenses? There are many ways to save money during the wedding planning process, including earning more money to help pay for your wedding! Read the posts below for advice to put money away for the big day:

💵 Make a wedding savings plan

💵 Reduce your personal expenses to save for your wedding

💵 Earn extra money for your wedding

💵 Take up a side hustle to cover wedding costs

💵 Earn money online to pay for your wedding

💵 Try these money-making apps

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Advice for sticking to the budget you've set

Once you've set the budget, you need to figure out how to stick to it! Read these posts for advice on keeping your eye on the prize:

Setting your wedding priorities

Allocating your funds according to your priorities

Decide where to splurge and save based on your priorities

Bonus: Tips to avoid breaking the bank

Managing your money as a married couple is challenging. Get some great tips!

Tips for planning a wedding on a budget

If you're planning a wedding on a small budget, you'll need to get creative to make the most of your money. Once you know your top three priorities for your wedding, it will help you allocate your funds to the areas that matter most to you.

For the areas that aren't quite as important, read our tips for saving money on your wedding to learn dozens of tricks and budget hacks to lower your wedding costs!

Simple Choices to Save Money on Your Wedding

These simple wedding planning choices can help you reduce your costs across the board!

1️⃣ Keep your guest list intimate

2️⃣ Choose an off-peak wedding date

3️⃣ Find a low-cost wedding venue

Tricks for Saving Money on a Wedding Dress

Buy a used wedding dress

Shop sample sales for your wedding gown

Buy off-the-rack

Rent your wedding dress

Re-Sell Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

Tips to Cut Costs on Wedding Invitations

DIY Your Wedding Invitations

Choose flat-printing over fancy print options

Use an online discount printer

Add DIY embellishments

Do an online RSVP

Send an all-in-one wedding invitation

Ideas for Saving Money on Wedding Decor

Buy used wedding decor

Upcycle items to use as wedding decorations

Use non-floral wedding decorations

Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Catering

Choose inexpensive foods for your wedding menu

Consider a food truck for your reception meal

Have a brunch wedding

How to Save on Your Wedding Venue

Choose a naturally beautiful location

Consider an outside-the-box location

Hunt for Affordable Wedding Venues

Free Stuff for Your Wedding

Free Wedding Printables

Big List of Wedding Freebies

Tips for Finding Lower-Cost Wedding Vendors

How to find affordable wedding venues

Tips for negotiating with vendors

Hiring friends as vendors

Tips for hiring budget savvy vendors

Wedding vendor tipping guide

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Making the most out of your money: stretching your budget

Make note of the ways we've shared to stretch your dollars and maximize the money you've got for your event!

How to Maximize Your Budget

Clever Ways to Stretch Your Budget

Shopping on Amazon for Your Wedding

Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive

We hope this helps set you on the right path for setting and sticking to your wedding budget!

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