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Featuring real weddings is one of our favorite things because it brings a dose of reality to wedding inspiration! Our real wedding features include detailed wedding budget breakdowns whenever available, so you can see what’s possible on a certain budget amount.

Seeing how another bride spent her budget can be incredibly helpful when trying to plan your wedding spending! Click a wedding budget value from the options below to view all the real weddings that we’ve featured on that budget amount!

Setting your wedding budget for the big day

If you’re looking for help setting the budget for your wedding, we’ve got the information and advice you need! Start with the following posts:


See what weddings typically cost in your area

Visit the resources below to view the average reported costs of weddings in your area and across the country.



Talking to your partner and families about your wedding funds

If you’re looking for help discussing money with your partner and your families, take a look at these helpful posts:


The best ways to save up for your wedding

Need to save money to cover some of the wedding expenses? Read the posts below for advice to put money away for the big day:



Advice for sticking to the budget you’ve set

Once you’ve set the budget, you need to figure out how to stick to it! Read these posts for advice on keeping your eye on the prize:



Tips for planning a wedding on a budget

Read our tips for saving money on your wedding to learn dozens of tricks and budget hacks to lower your wedding costs!

Tricks for Saving on the Wedding Dress


Tips to Cut Costs on Wedding Invitations


Ideas for Saving Money on Wedding Decor


Ways to Save Money on Catering for your Wedding


How to Save on Your Wedding Venue


Making the most out of your money: stretching your budget

Make note of the ways we’ve shared to stretch your dollars and maximize the money you’ve got for your event!






Beautiful Weddings on a Budget You Can Actually Afford : 100 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding Budget

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