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How to Make a Beautiful Wedding Website and Why it’s Important

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Check out this handy post with information on how to make a wedding website to share information and updates about your big day!

How to Make a Beautiful Wedding Website and Why it’s Important

You have already set the date, time, and location of the big day and are now thinking about how you are going to fit all of the details in the wedding cards? Don’t stress! Have you thought about making a beautiful wedding website to showcase all of your information? It’s fast and useful and you can just put the link in your wedding cards for your guests to use!

Here’s how to get started.

Structure your content

First things first, start listing all of the important information that you need to communicate to your guests that you won’t be able to include in your wedding cards. For instance, more details on the location of your wedding, how the event will take place, who you and your partner are, directions, a list of accommodations, and so forth.

If you want to take it even further, you can include an RSVP button to keep track of all the people who will be coming to your wedding.

Ideally, you should have:

  • a small section that introduces yourselves
  • details of how the ceremony will take place, the reception, the dinner or lunch
  • a list of accommodation around or things to do
  • a list of wedding gifts if you would like to have one

To provide easier reading and to avoid bombarding your guests with too much information, make sure that you group up your content and think about where you would place them on your wedding website.

For example, on your homepage, you can introduce yourself and your partner, include an RSVP button, and a brief description of the timing of the ceremony, reception, etc. On another page, you can dedicate it solely to the location of your wedding with directions. Here, you can equally describe in more detail how your ceremony will be or provide more details on the food and cocktail. And on your other pages, you can provide a list of accommodations around (useful if you have guests coming from all over) and a list of wedding gifts if it’s in your tradition.

Just take a paper and pen and structure this out to have it visually laid out in front of you!

Find a website building platform

Once you’ve got the information that you would like to include, it’s on to finding the right website-building platform for you. If you are not tech-savvy, search for one that will allow you to create a beautiful website with all of your details.

Choose your design

Now onto the fun part! When you are making your website, think about the design that fits with the overall theme of your wedding. This is where you can choose the colors, images, and fonts of your website.

For instance, if you are having an elegant and classic wedding, your website should be full of light colors and pure images. If you are having a beautiful and natural wedding, opt for green and spring colors and images.

Make sure that you don’t overload your website with too much text, or too many fonts and pictures. To create a harmonious and beautiful wedding website, stick to three colors that match each other and stick to two fonts (one for the titles, and one for the body).

If you aren’t sure if it’s the right fit, ask someone for their objective advice! If you need some inspiration, have a look at Pinterest to collect ideas of how you want your website to look like.

Include beautiful images

Nothing better than including beautiful images to tease your guests! If you have images of the location where the wedding ceremony will be, the reception, cocktails, or others, make sure to include them!

The best is to have high-quality photos to make a wedding website look clean.

If you don’t have beautiful images, you can have a look at free image banks to get a few images to illustrate your overall theme. Unsplash and Pexels are great resources to browse through free, beautiful images.

And voilà! Your website is now ready to be shared amongst your guests! All that is left for you to do is send out the invitations (or be completely digital, and send emails) and start planning out your wedding day!

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