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How To Plan A Wedding People Will Remember For Years

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Check out these tips for planning a memorable wedding day. Learn how to plan a wedding that your guests will remember for years to come!

bride and groom in Converse

You’re planning a wedding, perhaps a colorful October wedding because it’s your favorite time of the year, and you’re wondering what to do to break the mold when it comes to weddings and all things bridal.

The way to make your wedding a little more unique, memorable, and fun is to make a few outside-of-the-box choices without being too outrageous. Think about this in terms of surprising, entertaining, and delightful ideas rather than unusual or weird. Basically, try to break some of the rules while also staying in good taste.

Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding

Here are 7 ideas to spark your imagination and help you think outside the traditional ways of having a wedding.

Start with the right wedding ring.

Diamonds are traditional, of course, but you can make your ring more unique by choosing something that has other unique features. Something that’s a little different yet exquisite in color and design, whether it’s the accompanying stones, the metal it’s set within, or the design! Perhaps one of these moissanite engagement rings made out of 14K rose gold? Or if that’s not wild enough for you, how about a round Morganite Solitaire ring in rose gold? You could also consider a non-diamond design made with Moissanite or lab-created diamonds for something a little non-traditional.

Hire a professional photographer.

For as long as people can remember, a professional photographer has always been a part of weddings. After all, how else are you going to capture the memorable day? If you don’t hire a professional photographer, how will you have any photographs to show your future grandkids? Professional photography is indispensable when it comes to the important moments on your special day.

In addition to professional shots, invite friends to take photos as well. While you will still save those choice photos for your leather-bound wedding album, by inviting your friends to take pictures, you’re going to create some interesting new experiences. You’ll be on Facebook and Instagram without any coordination on your part.

On your wedding day, you’ll be photographed from lots of different angles throughout the event by your guests. You’ll capture natural poses instead of stiff, awkward ones with forced grins. And your guests will be much more fully engaged, trying to best each other in finding the perfect spontaneous moment that should be frozen in time. In short, you’ll not only get your pictures but everyone will have a hilarious time catching you and other people in candid, unrehearsed moments.

Choose an interesting location.

In an article on some of the most unique places you can get married, The Knot has some great suggestions when it comes to choosing an unusual location that’s interesting without bordering on the bizarre. One of the biggest sources of  art museums, Natural History museums, city museums, air and space museums

“While art museums are a classic choice, there are many more conservatory options worth entertaining. Natural history museums, city museums, air and space museums, and even children’s museums often have spaces to rent after-hours. You’ll have exhibits as your backdrop (like a historic propeller plane or awesome dinosaur skeleton), which are not only jaw-dropping but the perfect conversation starter for your guests.”

Personalize your wedding dress.

You don’t have to wear a traditional wedding dress that looks similar to every other wedding dress on the planet. Instead of ivory, think about blush. Instead of long, consider short. And if you’re feeling even more radical, don’t wear a dress but a lacy white pantsuit instead. However, if you do want something closer to a traditional wedding dress but just a little bit different, then just ask your seamstress to add some creative variations. Consider adding on a beaded belt, capped sleeves, a colored petticoat, or more interesting straps.

Maybe it’s not your dress that you add a little something to… maybe instead you opt to wear non-dressy shoes under your gown. Who doesn’t love a bride in Converse or TOMS?

bride and groom in Converse

Change the cuisine.

With the number of exotic cuisines available, you don’t have to opt for the predictable plated dinners you find at most weddings. Want to make it more personal? Think about having your favorite restaurant do the catering. Whether you love Indian food, Mexican or Greek, you can find ways to infuse those flavors into your wedding menu for a unique touch and an extra personal detail. Get some tips on planning a budget-friendly wedding menu.

Make things more entertaining.

While music and dancing are certainly entertaining, and you can throw in some unusual selections rather than the traditional wedding music, this doesn’t have to be the only entertainment. You can hire standup comedians to do a skit, get fast sketch artists to set up their easels to transform your guests into cartoon figures or hire traditional dancers from another culture for a performance. You could even hire magicians or illusionists to do some party tricks to entertain the crowd during cocktail hour and beyond. Just make sure whatever you choose is relevant to you as a couple, so it doesn’t come across as totally random.

Introduce fun and games.

Think about party games that you can toss into the events schedules. It can range from a wedding scavenger hunt to some of the more outrageous games you might come across at a carnival. Having a backyard wedding? Include lawn games or even a fire pit to roast s’mores. In other words, throw something unusual or unexpected into the wedding events mix to surprise and delight your guests.

Why Break the Mold?

The idea of breaking the mold is not to do something silly or different just for the sake of being different. Instead, what you’re actually doing is what psychologists call a “pattern interrupt.” By making your wedding details a little outside the norm, a little different from what most people would expect, you will make everything much more memorable for your guests because it will stand out among all the other events they’ve attended.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to plan a wedding that people will talk about for years.

Make it special, make it unique, make it YOU!

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Tips for planning a memorable wedding



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