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Trendy Ways to Include Your Fur Babies in Your Elopement

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Discover creative ways to involve your pets in your wedding ceremony! From paw prints on marriage licenses to cat backpack adventures, celebrate your love with your furry family members.


More and more couples are embracing a heartwarming trend in their elopement ceremonies: including their beloved fur babies. It’s a delightful and touching addition that brings an extra layer of personal charm to these special occasions.

From majestic mountain settings to serene beachside vows, pets are increasingly taking center stage, adding joy, personality, and a sense of familial warmth to the celebrations. This trend is not just about having pets present; it’s about integrating them into the ceremony in meaningful and creative ways. Let’s explore how these adorable four-legged companions are becoming an essential part of elopement ceremonies today.

Self-Solemnizing States and Furry Officiants

In places like Colorado, where couples can self-solemnize their marriage (meaning no official officiant is needed), some are choosing their pets to play a humorous and adorable part in the ceremony – to act as the officiant! It’s a unique twist that adds fun and personality to the occasion, and guests absolutely love it.

Pets as Flower Girls

Move over traditional flower girls; here come the petal-pushing pets! Dressing up your furry friend as a flower girl adds an extra layer of charm and whimsy to your elopement. Imagine your pup trotting down the aisle with a basket of flowers – it’s a sight to behold!

Autographing the Marriage License

Some couples are getting creative by using a stamp pad to take their pet’s paw print, and then having their pet ‘sign’ the marriage license. It’s a cute and unique way to involve your pet in the official documentation of your big day. 

Pro tip: don’t have your pet “sign” a version of your marriage license that will be sent to the government. Rather, drop the paw prints on copies of the certificate, which you can order from whatever governmental body your license was submitted to. Or, other states, such as California, Florida, and certain counties in Texas, can provide you with a “customer copy” of the license or a commemorative certificate that you can take home and won’t get submitted to the government. Oftentimes, these are great places for your pet to autograph! Just check with the government office you receive the license from to make sure they don’t have an issue with it. 

Cat Backpacks for the Adventurous Elopements

For the adventurous couple, cat backpacks have become a thing! These allow your feline friends to safely join in outdoor elopement adventures, enjoying the scenery right alongside you.

Best Venues for Pets

Outdoor venues, particularly parks, are ideal for including pets in your elopement. They offer the space and freedom for your pets to enjoy the ceremony comfortably.

Dressing Up Your Pets

Some couples are taking the cuteness to the next level by dressing their pets as a mini bride and groom. It’s a playful and adorable addition to the ceremony that everyone will remember.

Pets as Honored Guests

Sometimes, just having your pets present is enough to make your day special. They can simply be guests, watching you tie the knot and being part of your cherished memories.

Now, for those of you looking to make your beloved pet part of your big day, there are a handful of things to keep in mind:

Venue Rules

Always check the pet policies of your chosen venue. For instance, many places require dogs to be on a leash. While outdoor venues are generally more pet-friendly, many restaurants and indoor venues may not allow pets at all.

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Plan for Pet Care

On the big day, have a plan for who will look after your pet, especially if they’re playing an active role in the ceremony. Be sure that you’ve accounted for pet food, as well as potty breaks.

Including your fur babies in your elopement is more than just a trend; it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your love in the presence of your whole family – furry members included. As you plan your special day, remember that the joy, fun, and love that pets bring can make your elopement even more meaningful and memorable. After all, these aren’t just pets; they’re family, and their presence on your big day adds a layer of love and warmth that only our animal companions can.

So, embrace this delightful trend, make those adorable memories, and let your fur babies shine as they support you in walking down the aisle. Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happiness – with your human and animal loved ones by your side!

Love and tail wags, everybody!


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