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So I already told you guys about my AMAAAAzing photographer in a previous post, but wanted to give you an update on her amazing work on our engagement photos. Engagement photos were one of those things we thought we could do without for budget purposes, but when I met with my photographer, Melissa, she said that they are important for a few reasons. 1) They get Matt and I comfortable in front of the camera (which we definitely needed), 2) It gives the photographer a good idea of how we interact together, so they can capture the REAL us at the wedding, and 3) So we can all get on the same page with photography style before the wedding. She could not have been right about how important the pictures were and how it really set up us up for success on the wedding day.

We decided to do the pictures at the plantation where we are getting married and we also decided to include the dogs. Matt tried to fight me on that one, but I had to pull rank and it definitely paid off. They acted like little doggy professional models.

Maggie's Engagement Pictures

At first it was a little uncomfortable posing and being mushy on camera, but about 20 minutes into it, we got really comfortable, mostly because Melissa was so fantastic at ensuring us we looked good. I will say this though, Matt is definitely the photogenic one in this relationship. He looks like a total stud in all his pictures. He does off camera too just FYI 😉

Here are a few of my favorites, but if you want to see the whole album, click here and it will take you to our photographers Facebook page. Our album is the first one.  One of the great things Melissa did with creating the album was really tell a story with the pictures and I luuurv! Honestly, I don't these pictures could be any closer to my vision!

Maggie's Engagement PicturesMaggie's Engagement PicturesMaggie's Engagement Pictures

All photo credit to Melissa Xenakis. Her website can be viewed here.

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Maggie is a bride-to-be out of Charleston, SC. Her vintage outdoor wedding is taking place in April, 2012 for under $10,000. She loves reading, happy hour, and relaxing with her fiancé Matt and their two dogs, Harper and Andy.

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  • Emily

    These look great! It looks like you all had more luck in the dog department than we did. We got a couple of good/lucky ones, but Conway (canine son) was more interested in the other dogs at the park, and figuring out how he could drag his way there! Are you all including the dogs in your wedding?

    • Maggie

      haha yeah we had to take them to a secluded area for the pictures. No way they would have been this good in public ha! We are not including them in the wedding, thats why I was so adamant about having them in the pics. We decided that it would be too stressful on the big day.

  • Simple, but still so beautiful, great job!

  • :)) The dogs are so inspiring. Great choice of photo shooting.

  • The dogs are so inspiring!

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