Making a Thumbprint Tree Guest Book

One of our DIY projects is the guest book. I really wanted a thumbprint tree, but I couldn't find one that I would even consider spending $100-150 for the size of our wedding. I scoured Etsy for days. The most reasonable one I found that I REALLY liked was $89. Still not something I wanted to spend.

Finally, I realized, I have a super crafty fiancee, who is more than capable of making a thumbprint tree! Problem solved, we could get it done for under $10 plus the price of a frame… so maybe $15-20 total! HOORAY!

Well it hasn't been that easily unfortunately. Nathan has been really picky… his first try was on a canvas panel 18×24. He hated it, he believes that the marker ran and it looks sloppy. It's my favorite of his two tries…

The second try was on poster board, same marker, same design, a little bigger. He hates it. I don't understand his reasoning on that one either.

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Now we're stuck between the budget savvy option that I think is adorable, and spending a lot of money on one from Etsy, which are beautiful, but I'm not sure I want to spend money on something I really don't have to.

Maybe I'll have Nathan try again if he can find the time…I've heard that the third time's a charm.

Any advice? I need some budget savvy help on this one…

thumbprint tree

My favorite, The tree on the canvas.

thumbprint tree

I wouldn't mind using this one either though!

thumbprint tree

Nathan's only tool outside of the canvas and poster board.

Which one do you like? Help, Please!

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