Mixteka – a DIY wedding DJ solution

When we decided that we were going to host two events (a small intimate ceremony following by a sit down dinner and a reception two days afterwards) we knew that we needed be careful not to go over budget. One of the items that we felt we could cut costs with would be hiring a professional DJ for the Thursday ceremony. At first we thought we would go the DIY wedding DJ route — use an iPod and create a playlist to project, but as planning became more detailed we realized this might become difficult when dealing with timing of events.


I first heard of Mixteka a couple months ago here on BSB and they generously offered to let me test it out for my big day! Upon signing up for Mixteka I was instructed to start creating a timeline as well as selecting music for various time frames (i.e. cocktail hour, dinner, first dance, etc.) It was super simple to organize the music into the order and timing that we liked!

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of music selections that Mixteka has available. They had every song on my wedding music wish-list (including the theme to Jurassic Park, which is what I planned to walk down the aisle to!)

As planning continued, I had a couple of minor issues with accidentally deleting timelines (whoops!) but I was very pleased with the availability of the Mixteka staff who were quick to jump to my rescue. Crisis averted!

I'm looking forward to giving everyone the full rundown of my Mixteka experience on the wedding day when we are finally able to use it! Until then, be sure to check them out as an affordable DIY wedding DJ solution!




Mixteka offered to let me test drive their service in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.

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