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Moonstone Engagement Rings: Magical Styles You'll Swoon For

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Looking for a meaningful and beautiful stone for an engagement ring? Check out these magical moonstone engagement rings you’ll swoon over!


Moonstone has all sorts of historical lore and meaning associated with the stone that gives it a magical and mystical quality. Who wouldn’t want a little magic to signify their love? Moonstone isn’t a traditional stone for an engagement ring, but why shouldn’t it be?

Because of its physical beauty and mystical meaning, we think the moonstone should be embraced more in bridal jewelry. Moonstone projects romantic, carefree energy so it’s a great choice for the artsy, boho, or eclectic bride who desires a unique engagement ring.

What is special about Moonstone?

Many cultures have considered the moonstone to be magical and meaningful since ancient times. Moonstones are iridescent, meaning they show luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. While it doesn’t sparkle in the same way a diamond does, the shimmering moonstone has an ethereal glow that is breathtaking in its own right.

The moonstone’s adularescence or glow is thought to mimic the moon in the night’s sky. In fact, the Romans believed moonstone was made from the rays of moonbeams.

In India, the stone is called the “dream stone” and is considered sacred. The stone is often associated with a deep sense of intuition, feminine energy, and profound empathy and compassion.

Magical Moonstone Engagement Rings to Swoon Over

Below, you’ll find some absolutely stunning moonstone rings. We hope they inspire your own engagement or proposal!

gemodes moonstone engagement ring

Vintage Pear Shaped Moonstone Engagement Ring

By GemOdes

This faceted moonstone ring exudes femininity. The pear-shaped center stone with side stones is set on a thin rose gold band.

BellaLaBella Cushion Halo Moonstone Engagement Ring

Natural Moonstone Halo Ring

By BellaLaBella Jewelry

This ring features a large carat dream stone surrounded by a diamond halo pave and pave band ring setting. Talk about sparkle!

HenryRocky Sunburst Moonstone Engagement Ring

Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring Rose Gold

By HenryRocky

This vintage-style sunburst really makes a statement. The diamond accents and large faceted moonstone center make for a unique and beautiful ring.

StarlandUS Star and Moon Moonstone Ring

Star Cluster Moon Engagement Ring

By StarlandUS

This sterling silver moonstone engagement ring features moon and star-shaped accents for a truly magical engagement ring!

DaintyBitsCa Moonstone Ring

Simple Oval Moon Stone Engagement Rings

By DaintybitsCA

This yellow gold ring setting features a diamond pave band and a stunning center stone with the radiance of moonbeams!

Jewelado Pear Moonstone Wedding Ring Set

Pear Shaped Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring Set

By Jewelado

This vintage-style pear moonstone ring has a stunning matching band that looks as dreamy as the night sky!

GardenRing Moonstone Engagement Ring Set

Diamond Moonstone Ring Set

By GardenRing

This white gold engagement ring and wedding ring set are the perfect match! The shimmering moonstone is really set off nicely by the matching band.

LindyLou Minimalist Moonstone Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring

By LindyLou

This natural rainbow moonstone engagement ring is the perfect choice for the bride who loves minimalism. The hammered rose gold-filled band is unique and rustic.

NyFineJewelry Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring

Vintage Moonstone Ring

By NyFineJewelry

The yellow gold band diamond ring settings with a total weight of 0.07CT side stones — the perfect accent to the shimmering moonstone!

Moon Magic Moonstone Engagement Ring

Truth & Brilliance Rings

By Moon Magic

You could never say no to the beauty of Diamonds and authentic Moonstones. Embrace true beauty with this glimmering ring, featuring a round-shaped statement Moonstone together with the chic minimalistic band of small Diamonds and Moonstones. A perfect match for a modern bride!

Kbestdesign Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring

Moonstone Wedding Ring

By kbestdesign

The dream stone gem sits inside a halo of cubic zirconia set in a rose gold vintage ring band for a timeless look.

ReindeerCo Moonstone Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring

By ReindeerCo

This faceted moonstone ring features moissanite side stones set in rose gold, which exudes femininity!

Anna Sheffield EastWest Rainbow Moonstone Ring

East West Solitaire Moonstone Ring

By Anna Sheffield

This wedding ring features a gleaming rainbow moonstone center set east/west in an Anna Sheffield Jewelry signature basket and held by elegant knife edge prongs. 

Cappucine Moonstone Round Ring

Round Bezel Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Cappucine

A simple rose-cut moonstone solitaire engagement ring in a bezel setting. Perfect for everyday wear. We’ve got moonbeams in our eyes over this one!

Cappucine Moonstone Engagement Ring

Oval Moonstone Pave Band Ring

By Cappucine

A simple moonstone solitaire engagement ring with pave band detail. Timeless, classic, beautiful.

Moon Magic Pear Halo Moonstone

Pear Halo Moonstone Engagement Rings

By Moon Magic

This shimmering pear-shaped genuine Moonstone is surrounded by brilliant round Diamonds for a jaw-dropping display of glamour!

Catbird Moonstone Engagement Ring

Sideways Oval Moon Stone Rings

By Catbird NYC

This mesmerizing moonstone ring is set in Jennie Kwon’s signature equilibrium setting for the perfect balance of magic!

Cappucine Moonstone Engagement Ring

Rectangle Halo Moonstone Wedding Ring

By Cappucine

This beautiful halo diamond moonstone ring is a bit of a twist in its unique rectangle cut shape.

Cappucine Art Deco Moonstone Engagement Ring

Art Deco Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Cappucine

This unique blue moonstone & halo diamond ring comes in 14k or 18k gold, pictured in rose gold.
A perfect art deco style engagement ring.

Cappucine Kite Moonstone Engagement Ring

Kite Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Cappucine

The Zara ring is a treat for all lovers of geometry with its large kite-shaped moonstone. The shape creates spectacular hues you will not want to stop looking at. The perfect modern engagement ring for today’s modern woman!

Cappucine Moonstone Round Double Band Ring

Double pave band Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Cappucine

This gorgeous double diamond band moonstone ring is as unique as it is beautiful. For a one of a kind bride!

Anna Sheffield Moonstone Oval Halo Ring

Pavé Amulet Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Anna Sheffield

This ring features a rainbow 8x6mm moonstone set inverted in 14k gold with a sparkling frame of champagne pavé diamond accents.

Catbird Moonstone Engagement Ring

Pear Halo Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Catbird NYC

Catbird is known for their iconic designs, and this moonstone engagement ring is a prime example. An oval rainbow moonstone ring is set in shining gold, a classic to wear and love.

Moon Magic Round Halo Moonstone

Pear Halo Moonstone Engagement Ring

By Moon Magic

An authentic, round-shaped Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone is the centerpiece of this stunning and unique engagement ring.

Things to know about Moonstone

It’s not a very durable stone. Moonstones rate a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, so they can sometimes break. They are far more delicate than a diamond, so that’s important to know going in if you are considering a Moonstone for your engagement ring.

Choose a ring setting that will protect your stone and keep it securely in place to ensure the longevity of your precious ring!

Moonstone is the birthstone for June, so it could be a great choice for brides with a June birthday or even for a June wedding! They are also considered the stone of the astrological sign of Cancer.

Moonstones are similar in properties to an Opal or Pearl in terms of hardness and luminescence. They are primarily blue but due to the iridescent quality, they can look white or gray at times as well. They also come in a variety of colors such as yellow, gray, green, blue, peach, and pink.

Rainbow moonstone is a radiant variety that appears milky but emits a rainbow-like tone in the light.

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