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The Ultimate Guide to Unique Engagement Rings

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If you’re looking for a one of a kind ring for your once in a lifetime love, check out these unique engagement rings she’s sure to love!


You’ve found a one-of-a-kind love that you want to spend the rest of your life with, so why not give your partner a one-of-a-kind, unique engagement ring to pop the big question?

When you find your one true love, you want to give them an engagement ring that is just as unique and original as they are. If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique engagement ring for your future fiancée, check out this list of customizations, creative additions, and thoughtful touches that can make your engagement ring more unique.

Unique Choices for an Engagement Ring

How do you ensure that the ring you choose for your future spouse is truly unique? Try some of these tips!

Select a Diamond Alternative

If a diamond is out of your budget, choosing moissanite or cubic zirconia instead can give you more bang for your buck.

moissanite engagement ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring from ShyGemsStudio on Etsy.

herkimer diamond engagement ring

Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring from greengem on Etsy.

whitesapphire engagement ring from loveringsdesign

White Sapphire Engagement Ring from LoveRingsDesign on Etsy.

Consider A Colored Gemstone

If your partner is into color, consider a gemstone engagement ring to give her something truly unique and stunning.

caratdesign londonbluetopaz

Bezel Set London Blue Topaz Ring from CaratDesignGifts on Etsy.

citrine engagement ring willwork

Citrine Engagement Ring by willwork on Etsy.

aquamarine ring jadorelli

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Engagement Ring by Jadorelli on Etsy.

Opalescent Dreams

If you’re looking for something special, choose a multicolored stone for your engagement ring: opals are a big hit with Millenials this year.

opal art deco ring

We love this Opal Art Deco Engagement Ring from HKFineJewelry on Etsy.

oval moonstone engagement ring

Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring from MollyjewelryUS on Etsy.

opal engagement ring etsy

Antique Opal Engagement Ring Rose Gold Halo from LoveRingsDesign on Etsy.

Opt for a Unique Arrangement

Instead of the standard North-South stone placement, consider choosing a ring with an oblong stone oriented East-West for a unique look.

pescara oval east west engagement ring

Oval Hal Engagement Ring from PescaraJewelry on Etsy.

labradorite marquise engagement ring

Labradorite Marquise Engagement Ring by AnemoneUnique on Etsy.

emerald cut east west

Emerald Cut East West Engagement Ring from ZhedoraArgento on Etsy.

Rose-Colored Hues

Instead of traditional yellow gold, opt for a rose-gold setting for your engagement ring for something romantic and unique.


Blush Morganite Rose Gold Engagement Ring by ShyGemsStudio on Etsy.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring DiorahJewellery

Rose Gold + Diamond Engagement Ring from DiorahJewellery on Etsy.

morganite engagement ring blush pink

Blush Morganite Engagement Ring from AUSGEMSCo on Etsy.

Embrace Ethical Sources

When shopping for a unique engagement ring, seek out ethical suppliers and makers to create an extra special and benevolent bauble.

ethical engagement ring

This Ethical Engagement Ring from ShaktiEllenwood on Etsy is made of fairtrade gold.

envero jewelry

This ethical ring from EnveroJewelry on Etsy features a Bi-color Queensland sapphire.

aidememoire on etsy

This ethical ring from AideMemoire on Etsy features a Bi-color Queensland sapphire.

Stylish Shapes

Instead of a traditional round or square center stone, go for a fancy shape!

hexagon rainbow

Hexagon Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring by SimplyCharmed21 from Etsy.

kite shape engagement ring

Kite Shape Moss Agate Engagement Ring by AuroraDesigner on Etsy.

marquis engagement ring

Marquise Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring by MemorialBoutique on Etsy.

Go Fully Custom

If you want something 100% one-of-a-kind and unique, consider commissioning a fully custom engagement ring.

ken and dana designs

custom engagement ring from Ken & Dana Design.

suzie saltzman custom engagement ring

Fully Custom Engagement Ring from Suzie Saltzman Designs.

james allen custom engagement ring


James Allen - Design the perfect engagement ring!

James Allen

James Allen gives you the power to create the perfect engagement ring, with the most prized diamonds and best selection of styles, combined with the latest technology. Design your perfect ring today!

Multiple Stones

If you want an extra sparkly look for your ring, select a sparkler with a selection of stones instead of just one.

pear shape 3 stone ring

Pear-shaped Moissanite 3 Stone Engagement Ring from Gardenring on Etsy.

vertical 3 stone ring

Custom 3 Stone Vertical Ring from Bario Neal.

three stone sapphire ring

Three Stone Oval Sapphire Ring with HAlo from JewelleryBySpektor on Etsy.

Dainty Clusters

When you don’t like the look of a big honkin’ rock, you go for something with a low profile like these clustered stone rings.

joie de viv aurora diamond ring

Select a ring with multiple small stones like this Aurora Diamond Ring from Joie De Viv.

roseandchoc cluster ring

Cluster Diamond Rose Gold Ring from roseandchoc on Etsy.

cluster ring linnet jewellery

Vintage British Cluster Ring from LinnetJewellery on Etsy.

A Full Spectrum of Love

Why not include the full rainbow of love into your engagement ring? Incorporate a rainbow studded band or consider a stone with all the colors such as a mystic topaz or opal.

joie ve viv aurora rainbow ring

Multi-colored stone band from Joie De Viv.

aquamarise rainbow engagement ring

Mystic Topaz Engagement Ring from Aquamarise on Etsy.

rainbow moonstone engagement ring

Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring from Jewelluxe on Etsy.

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Reach for a Raw Stone

Instead of selecting a perfectly shaped and cut gemstone, consider a raw stone. They are more uniquely shaped, as they are perfectly imperfect.

aurora designer engagement ring

Rustic diamond slice ring from AuroraDesigner on Etsy.

thefoxandstone on etsy

Natural turquoise engagement ring from thefoxandstone on Etsy.

raw opal ring

Raw opal engagement ring from MoondropCreationsCA on Etsy.

Embrace the Dark Side

If your partner is more of the deep and classic type, perhaps you’d rather gift a dark stone like a black sapphire or onyx instead of a diamond.

black diamond shop clementine on etsy

Black Diamond Hexagon Ring from ShopClementine on Etsy.

black sapphire engagement ring

Black Onyx Pear Engagement Ring from HelloRing on Etsy.

black sapphire engagement ring

Oval Black Sapphire Engagement Ring from FYMJewelryDesign on Etsy.

Bezel Beauty

When looking for a way to make your ring choice more unique, consider choosing an original setting such as the bezel.

bezel engagement ring

Sunstone in bezel setting from onegarnetgirl on Etsy.

rooring bezel set

Bezel set sunstone ring from RooRingCo on Etsy.

bezel square ring onegarnetgirl

Yellow gold bezel set engagement ring from onegarnetgirl on Etsy.

Vye for Vintage

Instead of purchasing something new, shop for a vintage ring for something truly unique and special. Most likely your pre-owned bauble will also come with a dose of history!

vintage style ring

Art deco ring from barzahav on Etsy.

vintage style asscher cut diamond engagement ring

Asscher ring from ElizeJewellery on Etsy.

vintage style nyfinejewelry

Moissanite Oval Vintage Engagement Ring from NyFineJewelry on Etsy.

Flower Power

If you want her ring to stand tall like a sunflower, choose an engagement ring with a halo of petal-like stones for a flowery look!

black flower engagement ring

Sunflower Black Diamond Engagement Ring from ArmanteDesign on Etsy.

morganite engagement ring flower

Flower Morganite Engagement Ring from NyFineJewelry on Etsy.

citrine flower ring

Citrine Flower Engagement Ring from godjewelry on Etsy.

Starburst Sparkles

When you want an out of this world engagement ring, there’s no better choice than a sparkly, starburst halo for a celestial vibe.

moissanite cluster ring

Moissanite cluster engagement ring from Amandafinejewelry on Etsy.

starburst engagement ring etsy

Round Simulated Diamond Starburst engagement ring from LuxeryDesignsJewelry on Etsy.

morganite cluster engagement ring

Morganite cluster engagement ring from MinimalVS on Etsy.

Model it after a favorite

If you want to create a stunning engagement ring with a special meaning, then consider modeling it after a ring from a favorite story, movie or book!

crazy rich asians engagement rings

Get a ring inspired by the Crazy Rich Asians ring from jhollywooddesigns

sapphire vintage engagement ring

Sapphire vintage style engagement ring in NYFineJewelry from Etsy.

Add a crown

loveringsdesign opal engagement ring

Antique style opal engagement ring with matching crown halo by LoveRingsDesign.

barzahav on etsy emerald green engagement ring

Timeless emerald engagement ring with matching crown halo by barzahav on Etsy.

pear engagement ring with crown

Rosecut Green Sapphire engagement ring with crown by AuroraDesigner on Etsy.

Unique Additions to make an Engagement Ring Extra Specia


Include a special note, saying or phrase inside your sweetie’s engagement ring if you want to make it extra unique.

limoges jewelry engraved engagement ring

Engraved engagement ring from LimogésJewelry.

Add a hidden stone

If you want to add an extra dose of personalization to your ring, consider a hidden gemstone inside the band. You could make it your birthstone for a nod to the person who gave the ring!

taylor and hart signature ruby

Taylor & Hart Engagement Ring with Signature Ruby.

Infuse a hidden meaning

For those who want to add a hidden meaning into their engagement ring, may we suggest having a unique reasoning behind your choices? IE- select a stone that is your partner’s favorite color, include three differently sized stones to represent past, present, and future, etc.

mint sapphire engagement ring

Mint Sapphire Engagement Ring from aardvarkjewellery on Etsy.

Did you find a ring that speaks to you? We hope this inspires you if you’re hoping to find a unique engagement ring for yourself or your partner!

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