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My Bridal Shower

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On Sunday, April 28, I was blessed enough to have had a simply lovely bridal shower. You know that word, “lovely”? Well, be prepared to hear it a lot. My shower, as it turns out, was also budget-savvy, from what I understand. So here is the low-down.

My fabulous bridesmaid organized my shower. Unfortunately, my resort is becoming adults-only shortly before we arrive, and she has a 3 month old baby, so she is going to miss out. But she wants to be a part of the wedding, and I want to think of her still as my bridesmaid, so my bridesmaid she is. She loves planning, and organized the shower and my stagette and will play a major role in our at home reception in August.


She asked if I wanted a shower. Due to the fact we are having a destination wedding, I was unsure if it would be appropriate, but she assured me and organized the whole thing, with help from my sister (who is my maid of honour).

Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures (am relying on family and friends to send me them soon!) but I was able to take a few.

The Theme/Decor:

The theme of the decor was vintage travel. Appropriate, since I love vintage, travel, and because of the whole destination thing. She made centrepieces (mason jars borrowed from her grandmother, with old maps torn from an old atlas to decorate each). Most jars had a candle in them; the one on my table, the gifts table (we actually ended up having to use two tables!), and the immediate family table (mom, grandmas, etc.) had tulips in each. There were also little hearts cut from maps sprinkled on the tables.


She also made bunting out of the old maps (and old kraft-style paper) and “Welcome” letters to hang on the invitation I made (which she used as decor at the entrance with framed pictures of Brandon and I). She borrowed lace (and lace-style) table cloths from my family and hers, and used lace-style paper doilies under each centrepiece as well. It was fabulous!

A close-up of the welcome display... and the sign was part of my gift!
A close-up of the welcome display… and the sign was part of my gift! So I got to keep it!

The Food:

My bridesmaid made cheesecakes (my favourites… soooo good), and my sister made brownies. My mom brought a meat tray and a veggie tray, and my grandma made a tray with cookies and squares. That was the food that was organized, and would have been more than enough. My bridesmaid and her mom (who is awesome and came along to help, celebrate, and look after the new baby when mom was busy being hostess) had coffee going, tea, and had made punch. Heck, they even found colour coordinated napkins (which my sister alternated in every tray to help decorate). Loved the attention to detail!

But I am from a small town, and most of the attendees are also from said town. Most are older ladies and friends of the family… so most showed up with treats! My other grandma came with another square, and a friend’s mom came with a treat she used to make us all the time when we were growing up… When we were cleaning up, we didn’t even know where some of the treats came from!


The Location:

My shower was held on Sunday (as I said) in the basement of my family’s church. I do not believe there was any price to rent that space.



The Games:

My bridesmaid (and host) began the festivities with a little blurb about me, she and I, and Brandon and I. It totally worked, since I met her and Brandon on the exact same day! It was just lovely. Each of my ladies also organized a game. I love shower games, and know that there was another one ready to go, but we skipped it. Too bad… I hope we can play it at my stagette in a few weeks instead. I love games! I know they are cheesy… and I love cheesy!

I had not played either of the games we played before, but had heard of one. The first one all the girls went through their purses (since I love accessories – who doesn’t?) and got points for what they found. The more outrageous, the more points, according to a list. The winners (with the most points, obviously) got hand lotions I believe. The second game was based on my love of cheesy puns. There was a list of types of cake, using hints to fill in the blank (such as “This cake is the name of a boy.” Answer: Johnny Cake.) The table that won was asked a trivia question about me and Brandon, and were awarded a prize. (little plants for this one).

For the guest book, each lady was asked to fill out a little note saying “Advice and Wishes for the Soon-to-Be Mrs.” So sweet! Then they were instructed to put it in the “spice jar”. I loved reading the notes later… some great advice, some funny tidbits, some sweet notes… and from some elderly ladies, tips about actually using spices! I laughed so much, but totally treasure that.


My lovely and talented (crafty queen for sure!) bridesmaid and hostess, writing out her advice for me for my "guestbook".
My lovely and talented (crafty queen for sure!) bridesmaid and hostess, writing out her advice for me for my “guestbook”.

Overall, I was spoiled absolutely rotten, it was absolutely lovely (no other word fits so well!) and I only wish I could do it all again. The best part, for me, was having so many people show up, getting to catch up with them. I felt completely overwhelmed and supported. It was just… well… lovely. One of my favourite days ever. So much so, I am even looking forward to writing thank you cards so I can go through everything again!

Now, next week my coworkers are throwing me a shower too… It won’t be “doing it all again”… but at least I get to prolong the celebration!

And, as you can see from the details, it was pretty budget savvy too!

Are you having a bridal shower? Would you like a vintage, handmade shower like me, or something more modern?


is a teacher living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She got married in 2013 - read her wedding planning posts here.