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For months I’ve been trying to think of a creative wedding guest book. My sister and brother had some pretty cool guest books at their wedding. My sister and her husband had a custom made surfboard with their last name in it that everyone signed and then they had sealed. They have it on display in their house and it’s really cool. Here is my dad with the surfboard at the wedding – sorry for the tiny picture:

wedding guest book

Image via My Sister πŸ™‚

My brother and his wife had Bob Marley One Love records that the guests signed with metallic markers. Very cool and very fitting for their wedding since they got married in Jamaica. I’m not sure if they have this on display, I haven’t visited them in NY since they got married. Either way it was a cute idea that was unique and fitting for their wedding:

wedding guest book

Image via My Sister-in-law

The record is probably pretty budget savvy, the surfboard definitely not. I could come up with lots of ideas, but none of them were affordable so I decided to go the basic route. I had seen a photo online of tiny envelopes glued into a scrapbook and then guests had little cards that they could write on and put in the enveloped. I initially thought I was going to go with this idea, until I found out that tiny envelopes can be pretty pricey and when you need 50 of them – that adds up, quick!

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

So, I decided that probably wasn’t going to work even though I still liked the idea a lot. What I liked the most about it is that I find writing in guest books to be a lot of pressure. You want to write something nice, something more than “You guys are perfect for each other! Congratulations!” It becomes even more pressure when everyone is going to see what you wrote. However, with the envelopes, no one needs to see the special note tag you wrote. On the other hand, it would be hard to tell which envelopes are filled and which are not. When browsing Etsy one night, I came across these business card sleeves that I thought were kind of cute. I went back and forth on buying the paper and making them myself, but then decided that it might be cheaper to buy them and well worth my sanity – every DIY brides rationale!

wedding guest book sleeves

Image via Greenridge on Etsy

I needed 50 so I ordered them from Etsy along with some black and white baker’s twine — which I am obsessed with and her shop had a great price (I have seen this for as much as $10 in Michaels for 30 yards, this was $3 for 20 yards. Plus more than enough for my project at a much better price!

wedding guest book twine

Image via Greenridge on Etsy

Then I went to Michael’s and got some card stock in some colors that went with our wedding colors (green, purple and light gray). I didn’t want to get white because I was afraid the twine might clash, but the gray was a little more fun and would stand away from the pages of the sketchbook that I bought to put everything in. I found a nice sketchbook with a linen cover for $9.99 which I used my teacher discount on. When all was said and done, here were my supplies:

Sketchbook – $8.49

Cardstock – $2.50

Envelopes – $11.00

Twine – $2.98

Total for project: $24.97

Had I not been so anxious to put everything together I could have waiting until next month to buy the sketchbook with a 40% off coupon and saved another $3, but I was too excited to put everything together! Since we will have plenty of extra pages in the guest book, I’d like to put all our engagement, shower, and wedding cards in there too. Some other miscellaneous supplies that I used but already had on hand: glue tape, scissors, hole punch, apothecary jar.

I started by gluing the envelopes sleeves into the sketchbook and put 4 per page, I figured that we would end up using 12 of the pages. I purchased 50 sleeves, because even though we are inviting 70 people, a lot of couples will fill out a tag together – at least that’s what Nick and I do – we sign as a couple. Once I glued those in, I measure the cards and figured out the size they should be so they could be easily inserted into the sleeve (about 1/4 smaller than the sleeve itself).

wedding guest book

Their height I made it so they stuck out of the top of the sleeve so it was clear when a sleeve was filled. I did the tags in a modern tag style. I cut them using my mini-paper cutter (best craft investment so far for the wedding, it has come in hand many times!) and then cut the tag edges by hand using another tag as a template and eye-balled the hole punch.

wedding guest bookwedding guest bookwedding guest book

Then I cut 9″ of the twine, put the two edges together and knotted it and then did a loop through the hole of the tag. I did this 49 more times until I had my 50 tags.

wedding guest book

Once all my tags were cut, punched, and had string I put them in an apothecary jar that Nick’s mom gave me for Christmas. I liked the look of it and think it will look nice on the table with the guest book. Plus it’s more fun than just laying them on the table. I also created a large tag with the directions for the guest book which I made into a little poem:

Tag a tag and write us a note

Leave us your best advice or favorite quote.

Place the tag in the envelope sleeve

Make sure to do this before you leave!

I ran out of cardstock, but I think I will print it on a large tag made from the light gray cardstock and I might find a fun handwriting font online instead of using my own since I hate my handwriting. Hopefully our guests will like it and we’ll get some good advice to reflect on after the wedding. Here’s a little mock up of what everything might look like on the display table. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, I lost the battery charger for my camera!

wedding guest book

wedding guest book

wedding guest book

wedding guest book

Β So, what do you think? I’m happy with the way it came out and I look forward to using it on our wedding day. I hope our guests enjoy leaving us a special note!

Have you figured out your guest book yet? Are you doing something unique? Share your ideas!

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here.Β 

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