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Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Florist for Your Wedding

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Professionals help create an organized, stress-free event. Learn the top five benefits of hiring a professional wedding florist for your floral arrangements on the big day.


What is your favorite wedding detail? Many brides, grooms, and wedding guests are quick to point to flowers. At most weddings, flowers are featured prominently throughout a wedding day. They’re included in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, they accent wedding arches during ceremonies, and they line the center of tables at the reception as centerpieces. Wedding flowers are also the pieces that bring a color palette to life. Simply put, wedding flowers are as important as they are eye-catching — and we love them. 

With the importance of wedding florals in mind, when brides and grooms are considering ways to create room in their wedding budget, they often point to their allotted flower cost as an area to cut back. And if they’re not planning to cut back, couples sometimes look to flowers as a “doable” way to delve into the world of DIY. Though a budget adjustment is definitely possible, there are benefits to working with a professional florist that can outweigh the cost-savings of DIYing your wedding flowers.

Knowing how much we love flowers and how much you do too, we’re sharing the top five reasons why you should consider working with a professional florist for your wedding. 

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Florist

Wedding florists are pros for a reason, they can make your wedding shine, and yes, you can still save money. 

1. Florists know what’s in season and available. 

One of the best ways to save money on your flowers is to use flowers that are readily available on your wedding day. One surefire way to do that is by choosing flowers that are in season. When flowers are in season, it means florists can easily source the flowers. Often, they can order locally from farms or they can work with a wholesaler. On the flip side, when flowers aren’t in season, there’s a high likelihood the blooms will have to be flown in from Europe or South America, which is costly. That’s not to say it’s impossible to use an out-of-season flower for your wedding; it’s simply to point out that the cost might be higher. 

Additionally, the pandemic has thrown plenty of wild cards into the mix, and one of them relates to wedding flowers. Did you know there’s a wedding flower shortage? There is, and florists have stories to tell! If you choose to create your floral arrangements yourself, you will be thrust into the flower world and be forced to problem solve on your own. If you instead work with a florist, they’ll be able to navigate every step (and any potential issues) on your behalf. Keep in mind, florists have likely already faced the problem and know how to solve it.

2. Florists know all of the sources for the best flowers (and supplies!). 

Have you ever wondered where florists get their flowers or how grocery stores stock their floral departments? Most often, both work with a number of floral wholesalers and flower markets. Wholesalers have connections to growers throughout the flower industry, and they place orders for boxes (and boxes!) of blooms based on the needs of their clients, like florists and grocery stores. Florists know which wholesalers to call based on the flowers their clients request, and wholesalers know how to find them — it’s an entire supply chain. 

Further, wedding flowers require a variety of supplies. They need to be cleaned and trimmed when they arrive. Your flowers will require flower food in order to thrive, They’ll also need to be tied with ribbon in order to become bouquets, and they need to be placed in vessels to form centerpieces. Florists know how to source every type of supply, and they also have the space to store it.  

3. Florists know how to budget and order flowers. 

In order for flowers to transform into bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements, they must first be ordered. When a florist is ordering flowers for a wedding, they know to never order the exact amount they need to work with. Instead, they always order 10-20% more. This ensures they have plenty of flowers to work with in case anything arrives dead or damaged. Plus, extra flowers also allow florists to opt to replace any flowers at the wedding that may no longer look their best. Florists also know how to place their order, when to time their delivery for peak freshness, and what flowers and greens are sold by the box, the stem, or the bunch. 

4. Florists have experience and expertise in arranging fresh florals. 

If you choose to DIY your wedding flowers, there’s a high likelihood this will be your first foray into the world of floral design. On the flip side, florists are professionals, and they know exactly what they’re doing. As a result, working with a florist can save you time, energy, and money. We’re not kidding when we say you likely will not actually want to be tackling a DIY project as involved as floral design mere days away from your wedding day!

5. Florists set up and break down weddings nearly every weekend.

Every detail that is not handled by a professional will be yours to make happen on your wedding day. Keep in mind, you only have so much time and so many people available to assist. Plus, you want to make sure you’re able to enjoy the day you have counted down to for so long! 

Florists plan, set up, and break down weddings nearly every weekend. They know when your bouquet must be ready, how to pin boutonnieres, how to prep and set up a wedding ceremony arch or backdrop, and how to place wedding centerpieces all before your guests arrive. At the end of the night, florists also know how to clean up…and fast. Similar to designing your wedding flowers, set up and break down is when your florist is worth every single dollar spent. Being able to be present on your wedding day and delighted by your flowers is paramount. 

Are you working with a wedding florist for your celebration? What made you decide to work with a professional? We love talking about wedding flowers in our community — join us!  

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Professionals help create an organized, stress-free event. Learn the top five benefits of hiring a professional wedding florist for your floral arrangements on the big day
Professionals help create an organized, stress-free event. Learn the top five benefits of hiring a professional wedding florist for your floral arrangements on the big day
Professionals help create an organized, stress-free event. Learn the top five benefits of hiring a professional wedding florist for your floral arrangements on the big day


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