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Sandy Beach Elopement in Hawaii

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Victoria + Douglas

Honolulu, Hawaii
- 08/06/2023
Total wedding budget $7,000

Budget Breakdown

Below is an estimated wedding budget breakdown provided by the couple.

  • Partner 1 Attire
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Venue
  • Partner 2 Attire
  • Wedding Planner
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Hotel
  • Total wedding budget

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We decided to elope in Hawaii and we wanted to have their traditions incorporated in our ceremony.

We had the leis tradition and a native official who spoke some parts in Hawaiian. It was a really nice experience!

Did you do any DIY projects or create any handmade items for your weddings?

I didn’t do any DIY or create handmade items. I prefered to have everything handled by someone else.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

The biggest thing we did to save money was buying my dress from AliExpress. I spent less than $100 on a dress that while it was simple, was perfect on me. I’ve never wanted to have a big, puffy wedding dress, so having a simple one allowed us to save a lot of money. I was also very comfortable in it!

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

I’d say to plan ahead and stick to a budget. It’s important to hire a good team to help you, but also knowing how much you can afford for their services. This way, you don’t have to deal with loans, or big bills before or after the wedding, because it makes any person gets stressed and forget what the wedding is all about: a celebration of love.

What was your biggest splurge?

Our trip to Hawaii was our biggest splurge. We spent around $950 on round trip tickets each, and our hotel was around $3000 – but that was also our honeymoon, so it was totally worth it!

What was your favorite detail?

Our favorite detail was having the ceremony held on the beach. It was so beautiful.

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Exchanging leis was such a sweet and memorable moment. It made us feel so happy knowing how important that means to Hawaiian people, and having that in our wedding made us feel part of the island and their traditions.

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