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Unique Elopement on an Iceland Glacier

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Adrianna + Brady wanted a truly magical and unique wedding. When they contacted their photographer, Anna Isabella, they knew a photoshoot on top of a glacier in Iceland would be perfect for them. Anna hired a glacier guide to make sure that their wedding would be memorable and safe.

Adrianna + Brady

Falljokull, International
- 05/14/2023
Total wedding budget $7,100

Budget Breakdown

Below is an estimated wedding budget breakdown provided by the couple.

  • Partner 1 Attire
  • Partner 2 Attire
  • Miscellaneous
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Photography
  • Total wedding budget

Did you do any DIY Projects or create any handmade items for your wedding?

I did my own hair and makeup before arriving to the glacier. Since we had to hike up the mountain, we had to change into our wedding attire on the mountain after the hike. This was a fun bonding experience between my husband and myself. Not too many grooms get to button up 50 buttons on their bride’s wedding gown on a glacier!

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We decided that we wanted an intimate elopement with just the two of us. In doing so, we could plan the honeymoon of our dreams and enjoy all that Iceland has to offer.

When purchasing a wedding dress, I specifically kept in mind that the photoshoot would be on top of a glacier. This dress isn’t something that I would’ve picked out for a traditional church wedding, but it was the perfect fit for a glacier photoshoot!

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

The most memorable moment of the day was getting all dressed up with the love of my life and experiencing that beautiful view on top of the glacier with him.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

Eloping and having our honeymoon in Iceland was the biggest thing. We saved thousands of dollars by not having a traditional venue wedding, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

We rented a tuxedo while in Iceland, which also saved a lot of money. We corresponded with Brúðhjón prior to make sure all of my husband’s measurements converted properly, and it fit perfectly!

What was your biggest splurge?

Our biggest splurge was the resorts we stayed at while in Iceland. Being we didn’t have a traditional wedding, we got to splurge on the nicest resorts in Iceland and really enjoy our honeymoon.

What was your favorite detail?

The intimate vibe on the glacier while getting our photos done! It was in the evening, so we were alone on the mountain with Anna (our photographer) and Vincenzo (our hiking guide). To be able to be ourselves and have a quiet photoshoot without strangers watching or in the background was such a great experience.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

I would definitely recommend an elopement. I always believed that a wedding day is about you and your partner, and that traditional weddings are more-so a party for your guests.

Eloping takes the stress out of planning a day for guests, and really lets you focus on what you and your partner love and want to experience together. Having our elopement on a glacier was such a unique, once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad we have those photos to last us a lifetime.

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