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How to Save Money on Beauty Products for the Big Day and Beyond

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Spend less and look gorgeous for your wedding day with these money-saving shopping tips for beauty products!


The average woman spends $1584 on beauty products a year– that’s a lot of money! If you’re like most brides, you want to look your best for your big day. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks on how to save money on beauty products. So whether you’re getting married soon or just want to save some money, read on!

When it comes to buying beauty products, we all want the best deals we can find. However, with so many different products and brands out there, it can be difficult to know where exactly to look for the best prices.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Sales and Discounts.

One rule of being savvy is to never pay full price if you can avoid it! One of the best ways to save money on beauty products is to never pay full price, obviously. Major retailers like Sephora and Ulta often have sales throughout the year, and drugstore brands like CVS and Walgreens run promotions weekly.

Whether you’re looking for makeup products, serums, shampoo, makeup remover, or hair products, try to buy what you need when it’s on sale. Be sure to check their websites or social media accounts frequently or sign up for their email newsletters so you can stay up-to-date on the latest deals.

2. Beauty Shop Loyalty Programs

Many big-name beauty brands offer loyalty programs that give you points or discounts when you make a purchase. For example, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program gives you one point for every dollar spent, and Ulta’s rewards program is another great way to save money on the products you love. For every dollar you spend, you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

You can also earn bonus points by participating in special promotions or by referring friends to the programs so you can stack up rewards for discounts or free samples! They typically give mini samples as birthday gifts so you can try something new for free!

3. Use Cash-Back Browser Extensions

When shopping for beauty products online, using a cash-back browser extension can be a great way to save money. Extensions such as Rakuten track your spending and reward you in various amounts via cashback every few months.

Cash back programs let you earn rewards from a variety of different retailers, so you can find the best deals no matter where you shop! And since most programs are free to join, it’s a no-risk way to get rewarded for your purchases. Earning cash back makes a sale purchase an even bigger bargain and we think that’s pretty savvy.

4. Use a Coupon Tool Bar Extension

Coupon browser extensions like Honey or Capital One Shopping can do the savvy snooping for you and will help you find awesome deals! These tools automatically detect special offers or coupons on the websites you visit while you’re shopping. Instead of wasting time manually searching for deals, you can sit back and let a coupon toolbar do all the work for you!

So the next time you need new makeup, get it for less with a toolbar that will find you a discount plus free shipping from your favorite beauty stores!

5. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Everyone loves a good deal, and there’s no better feeling than scoring a discount on something you were going to buy anyway. But did you know that you can also save money on your favorite beauty products by buying discounted gift cards? For example, let’s say you normally spend $50 on a new eyeshadow palette from Sephora. However, you find a Sephora gift card on Raise.com for 10% off. That means you’ll only have to spend $45 on the same palette – that’s a savings of $5!

Discounted gift cards can also be a great way to try new products without breaking the bank. So next time you’re in the market for some new beauty products, be sure to check for discounted gift cards first – your wallet will thank you!

6. Shop Deals on Amazon Beauty

There are SO many benefits to shopping on Amazon beauty, including saving money! First, you have access to a wide range of products at great prices, giving you the freedom to choose from a variety of high-quality brands.

Second, the site’s convenient filters make it easy to search for exactly what you need, easily narrowing down your results based on preferred price, brand, color, and more. And third, as an added bonus, Amazon often offers exclusive discounts and promotions on popular items in order to help you save even more money. So if you’re looking for a way to stay beautiful on a budget, shopping online at Amazon beauty is definitely the way to go!

7. Join a Freebie Site

The beauty industry is incredibly competitive, and it can be challenging to find the best products at the best prices. In order to make savvy shopping decisions, many people turn to influencer networks like Influenster, which allow users the chance to receive free products in exchange for honest reviews.

These reviews provide valuable information about the pros and cons of different products, and they can help you save money when shopping for beauty items. By signing up for these networks, you get access to exclusive discounts, coupons, and other incentives that help you stay within your budget without compromising on quality. And by receiving free samples of high-end brands before making a purchase decision, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible value for your money. So if you’re looking to save on your next beauty purchase, consider signing up for an influencer network like Influenster!

8. Find Lower Cost Dupes

In today’s world of fast fashion and great deals, finding lower-cost dupes for popular beauty products can be an effective way to save money. These dupes are usually generic or store-brand versions of trusted brand-name items, and they can offer a number of benefits for savvy shoppers. For one, they often have comparable formulations at a fraction of the price.

Additionally, since these generic products tend to be less hyped than their more popular counterparts, so you will often find them on sale or available in bulk at discount stores and online warehouses. We share this tip with caution, but it’s true that some luxury brands are expensive due to marketing, not the quality of the product. Check out sites that compare active ingredients for the best results!

9. Shop Discount Sites

Don’t forget to check sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for beauty deals. Not only will you find discounted beauty products, but you could also get discounted beauty services from local salons in your area as part of your pre-wedding beauty prep. They often have great offers on things like salon services, makeup lessons, and more.

This can be a great way to save money on beauty treatments that you would normally have to pay full price for. Just be sure to read the fine print before purchasing, as some of these deals may have expiration dates or other restrictions.

10. Use Your Full Products – Don’t Let Them go to Waste!

An important note about beauty products is that most have an expiration date and shouldn’t be used after the date listed. Set and stick to your beauty routine so you use your products before their expiration dates! This tip applies whether you’re talking about skincare like facewash or eye cream or cosmetics like foundation or primer. Don’t throw money or leftover products down the drain– use them up!

Savvy tip: If you are not using something often, you may only need a travel-sized item. They will be less expensive than buying full-size products and you can fully use them before they expire!

11. Use Less Product (as in, Smaller Amounts)

There are many reasons to go makeup-free, but perhaps the most compelling one is the potential savings that come with it. Give your wallet and your skin a break by going makeup-free whenever possible to save on the amount of cosmetics you use on a regular basis.

Especially if working from home, consider letting your skin breathe and going makeup-free to use less products if you’re not going to see anyone in person (or on Zoom!) As an added benefit, you’ll also save the time you’d spend applying makeup everyday. More time for wedding planning!

12. Collect Samples

Collecting and using makeup samples is an excellent way to save money when shopping for beauty products. Samples allow you to quickly and easily test out new formulas without having to invest in large quantities of a single product. This can help you find the perfect product that suits your unique skin type and preferences, all without breaking the bank.

Additionally, since samples are typically quite small, you will often be able to get at least a few uses out of each sample before needing to restock. This means that there is no need to buy items on a whim or before you actually need them. So if you are looking to save money and discover new beauty favorites, start collecting those free makeup and beauty samples today!

13. DIY Beauty Treatments at Home

When it comes to beauty, we all want to look our best. However, salon treatments can be expensive, and not everyone has the budget to keep up with the latest trends. DIY beauty treatments are a great way to get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

For example, making your own facial scrub from ingredients like honey and oatmeal is a simple and effective way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. And there’s no need to spend money on expensive hair treatments when you can make your own deep conditioner using items like olive oil and banana. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also know exactly what’s going into your products. Get great at doing your own nails, but maybe stick to a professional hair salon for a haircut, okay?

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how to save money on beauty products

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How to Save Money on Beauty Products

We hope you loved this unique list of ways to save on your beauty haul, and we think you’ll love the savings that these simple options can provide!

With these handy tools, tips, and tricks in your arsenal, you will be able to score amazing bargains on everything from makeup and skincare products to perfume and hair tools. It’s a total win-win situation – more money in your pocket and amazing beauty products that make you look and feel great!

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Spend less and look gorgeous for your wedding day with these money-saving shopping tips for beauty products!
how to save money on beauty products
Spend less and look gorgeous for your wedding day with these money-saving shopping tips for beauty products!

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