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Securing Your Newlywed Home with Tech

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Securing Your Newlywed Home with Tech
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This post is created in partnership with Verizon Wireless. 

Canary Home Security System - the perfect device to protect your newlywed home!

I love gadgets. Have you noticed? That’s why I love being a Verizon influencer. Occasionally they hook me up with some sweet tech gear, and I love to share those products with y’all and relate my findings to the world of weddings!

If you’re a gadget loving guy or gal like me, you’ll love this newest device that Verizon sent my way: the Canary all-in-one home security system. This thing is so tiny and it does SO MANY THINGS! First of all, it’s a complete home security system, all in one tiny device. I love how sleek and modern the design is, making it super discrete and practically unnoticeable.

canary camera

The Canary Home Security camera is small but it packs a mighty punch — and it’s super smart, too! Canary records and streams live video via your wireless network at home, which can be accessed anywhere on your smartphone using the Canary app for Apple or Android. Everyone in your family can download the Canary app, and the device will track your comings and goings via your wireless network, automatically arming the security device when you’ve left home. I told you it was smart!

Should any activity happen in your home while the device is armed, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone, prompting you to take a look at the live video to investigate. Heaven forbid you actually catch a burglar in your home via the live feed, you can sound the alarm on your Canary to scare them off. And yes, I can tell you from experience that IT IS LOUD. Like louder than a car alarm. (Of course, I had to push the button to see what happened, right?!) Check out this video featuring footage of tons of different thieves being caught and warned off with the Canary alarm system:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically love being home alone… and lately my hubby has been traveling for work a bunch so that means I’m rolling solo with my two dogs living the single-dog-mom life. Rough, I know! So I love having this extra bit of security in our home. We live in NYC, in an older building without a doorman, so while I generally feel safe here it’s not the most secure building in the world. So this little device gives me a little more piece of mind.

I also imagine it will come in handy when we’re traveling. Ever since moving to the city I get ultra paranoid about going out of town and leaving our stuff behind in our apartment for long periods of time. With all my computer and photography equipment, there’s a good amount of stuff that someone may want to steal, so knowing I have this added level of security will really allow me to relax when we’re off on a vacation or just out of town. After you get married, you’ll probably get a good amount of awesome stuff from your wedding registry — so you’ll want to protect all those new goodies, right?

Okay, not to resort to scare tactics. The Canary’s actually kinda fun, too! My favorite part is that I can totally spy on my puppies when I’m not at home! Look at the cuteness:

canary footage

 Doesn’t Knox look so regal? They are looking at a cat in our neighbor’s window. LOL

The Canary complete home security system offers the following features:

  • It’s smart — adapts to your home over time and learns your habits
  • No monthly fees or contracts required! The cloud saves the last 12 hrs of footage automatically — you can upgrade if you want to save more.
  • Quick and easy setup! Took like 5 mins, seriously.
  • Senses movement and automatically starts recording.
  • Features home health technology: Canary monitors your home’s temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Comes in white, black or silver to match your home decor
  • Works day or night — uses night vision to capture video in the dark

It’s seriously awesome and I’m so thankful to have this handy little device. Canary retails for $199.99 but piece of mind is priceless! You can buy it at Verizon Wireless, along with tons of other great tech devices for your home! Consider adding one of these  Canary devices to your Wedding Registry!

Check out Verizon Wireless for the latest and greatest tech devices and products for your home!

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This post was created in partnership with Verizon Wireless. As a Verizon Influencer, I received the Canary home security device from Verizon in exchange for my honest reviews and experiences with the products. All opinions are my own!

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