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Tech Trends for Weddings

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Tech Trends for Weddings #VZWBuzz

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Y’all know I love technology just as much as I love weddings, so I love sharing my favorite finds each month that connect these two topics! I thought it would be fun to wrap up 2016 by sharing the top tech trends for weddings as we head into a new year! Ready? Set? Go!

Tech Trends for Weddings #VZWBuzz


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of obsessed with Snapchat. I love that it’s less polished than Instagram and I love the personal connections I am able to make with my friends and followers! (PS– follow me here!) With the launch of the Spectacles, Snapchat is poised to become much more than just an app. Snap Inc is now a full-blown tech company with a focus on cameras and wearables!


I was crazy lucky enough to pick up a pair of these highly-coveted camera sunglasses over the weekend here in NYC. They are currently only available via a super modern vending machine called the Snapbot which pop up in various locations around the country. (See where the next one is dropping here.) They also put in a store here in NYC that now has two Snapbots, and that’s where I picked up my Specs on Sunday. I purchased the Teal Specs, naturally.

So what’s all the fuss about? Check out one of my snaps that I shared on Twitter:

Spectacles give you the opportunity to record video hands-free from your frame of vision in a fish-eye like format. What’s really cool is that you can rotate your phone when viewing the snaps back to see the full circle of video that was captured. This is totally the tech geek in me talking, but could you imagine how amazing it would be to have your groom wearing these spectacles the first time he sees you in your wedding dress? Talk about an emotional and unique way to capture such special moments. I can’t wait to see what happens when these Specs make their way into the mainstream market. See also: Creating Custom Snapchat Filters for your Wedding


This has been on the list for a while, but I see drone usage continuing to grow for weddings. It’s all about capturing unique angles for video coverage, and drones definitely give you incredible options to play with. From sweeping motion shots to sharing bird’s eye view of your reception, having a drone enabled video camera will ensure that you get some incredible footage of your big day. See some awesome examples in this post on Popular Science.

Drone from Verizon

Be on the lookout for videographers to increase their usage of these devices to create even more memorable wedding films. And if you want to give drone video a shot yourself, you can check out this awesome Parrot Bebop 2 available at Verizon Wireless! (It’s currently 27% off at the time of this post!)

Chic Wearable Technology

The wearable tech game just keeps getting stronger. With products like the Apple Watch and designer collaborations for Fitbit, tech you can wear is becoming more mainstream. Although these products may not be very budget savvy, they seem to be growing in type and style. From the Ringly activity tracker to the Hermes Apple Watch, wearable tech is getting more discreet and chic! (PS– check this out if you’re considering getting an Apple Watch!)

Ringly Rings

Bella BeatThe Bellabeat is another feminine wellness tracker to check out. It tracks your activity, mindfulness, sleep, your monthly cycle, and stress! Best of all, it’s pretty so it won’t interfere with your personal style.

Digital Gifting

Now more than ever, people are transacting and gifting in a virtual way. From sending e-gifts to Venmo-ing cash, there are more options than ever to exchange funds for fun or business.

Honeyfund Gift Card

The best part is the variety of gifts and services that are available to be given digitally these days! Whether it’s giving an Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Credits, or one of the new Honeyfund Gift Cards that can be used to purchase travel, digital gifting is definitely on the rise.

What do you think about including technology on your wedding day? Yay or nay?

Be sure to check out Verizon Wireless for all the latest tech gadgets for your big day and beyond!

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