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Wedding-Worthy Wearable Tech Devices for Your Big Day

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Ringly - smart ring
Wearable tech devices for the wedding day. We rounded up the most stylish and chic options for wearable tech that are worthy of wedding day wear!

Want to incorporate your love for tech into your big day? Check out these chic wearables that are totally wedding-worthy!

Weddings and technology… a marriage of two of my favorite things! These days, there are handy little tech devices for just about anything you want to track on your body. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the more chic and stylish options for wearable tech devices that are totally wedding-worthy! Check them out below, add one to your wishlist, or start dropping hints to your significant other now. The holidays will be here before you know it!

Wearable Tech Devices You can Wear to a Wedding

Ringly in Box
Ringly - smart ring

A Ring That’s Stylish AND Smart

Have you heard of Ringly, the smart ring that allows you to remain present while still receiving important alerts from your smartphone? Well, it’s basically amazing. Ringly pairs with dozens of popular apps and you can customize your notifications with different vibration patterns and color-flashing lights. The chic and stylish ring is unobtrusive and chic, it’s available in a variety of colorways to choose from. Ringly can be worn for 24-48 hours on a single charge, and comes with a high-tech ring box for easy storage and recharging overnight. Ringly Luxe can be ordered online at Amazon or on the Ringly website.

Browse Ringly

A Beautiful Bracelet That Notifies You When the Babysitter Texts

Perhaps the bracelet version is more your speed. It has the same functions as the original Ringly, but on your wrist! Set up custom notifications for different apps or even for specific people. That way you can stay present and enjoy the wedding reception without checking your phone every 5 minutes. You can get the Ringly GO on their website or at Target or Nordstrom online.

A Clutch that Charges Your Phone

Snag a bag that will keep your smartphone juiced up all night long. This simple one from Old Navy, that comes in oh-so-trendy Millenial Pink, is a perfect and budget-savvy choice at only $26! No more searching the venue for an outlet to plug in your phone. With this handy clutch, you can charge your phone anytime you put it in your bag. Your phone will stay charged all night so you won’t miss a single opportunity to capture all of the reception fun! You could also shop for slim portable chargers and regular wristlets to achieve the same effect!

Stylish Bracelets that Track Your Fitness

These stylish fitness tracker bracelets from Misfit automatically count steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep. Set different vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms. It’s smart button enabled to control connected household devices. And it’s totally swim-proof so you can even get your laps in while wearing it. Oh, and did I mention… you don’t have to charge it? Instead, Misfit uses replaceable batteries that last up to 4 months!

Apple Watch on Groom - Photo via Todd James Photography

Photo via toddjamesphotography.com

A Wedding-Worthy SmartWatch

Though most ladies probably wouldn’t want to wear something so bulky on the wedding day, the gentlemen could totally wear their Apple Watch on the wedding day. Since there are so many stylish men’s bands, there’s no reason why the groom, groomsmen, or even guests should feel unsure about rocking their smartwatch to a wedding.

What do you think of these wedding-worthy wearable tech devices? Did any catch your eye?


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