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Self-Care for the Groom: A Checklist for Pre-Wedding Prep

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Grooms need TLC, too! Check out this self-care checklist for the groom, so you can ensure that you feel in tip-top shape for your big day!

Self-Care for the Groom: A Checklist for Pre-Wedding Prep

Today we’ll take some time to share information with the men getting ready for their weddings. There’s way more information out there for brides to refer to as they prep for their big day, but it can be tricky for men to know exactly what they should do to get ready. To help out, we put together a list of things that the groom should do for self-care and pre-wedding prep as he gets ready to look and feel his best at his wedding.

Take care of the hair

There are more ways to care for your hair than you probably realize. Regular haircuts and shampooing are the obvious ones, but there’s even more you could be doing. If thinning hair is something you’re worried about, learn about male hair loss and look into what you can be doing to ensure that your hair stays looking good. Figure out what hairstyle and facial hair you’d like to rock on your wedding day and get a fresh, professional cut a day or two before your wedding. Once you have a look you’ve been wanting, ask your barber about the best way to style it, and be sure to get products that won’t weigh hair down and make it look flat.

Be proactive about your health

You already know the steps you should be taking to ensure that your health is up to par, but I’m going to include them here anyway so they don’t slip your mind during this hectic time. It’s essential to stay on top of these things in the months leading up to your wedding so you’ll feel your best on the day. Create a workout routine, improve your diet, and make sure to attend all of your recommended doctor’s appointments.  It’s not only important to look good on your wedding day, but you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure you feel good, too.

Perfect your outfit

The wedding dress is typically the standout outfit of the wedding, but don’t forget to put some focus on yours as well. Find a nice, high-quality tux that you like and add some accessories to make it unique to your style. Look into adding fun touches to your cufflinks, tie, pocket squares, suspenders, and more. A day or two before the wedding, make sure to have your tux fitted so it will fit you perfectly. A loose tux will have you drowning in it, and a tight one will make showing off your dance moves tricky, so get it tailored to fit just right.

Take those small, extra steps of self-care

A wedding is a perfect excuse to pamper yourself, so experience extra luxuries that you normally wouldn’t treat yourself to. Look into packages at spas nearby and consider treatments such as manicures, massages, and waxes. Planning for a wedding takes a toll on most people, so take the much-needed time to relax and truly enjoy your wedding day. If you’re on a budget, try some DIY versions of spa treatments that you can do at home. This could be a fun way to bond with your partner before the wedding!

As the groom, self-care is super important. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit (and your relationship!) as you prepare to head down the aisle.

What are some ways you think a groom should get ready for his wedding? Join us in the community to discuss everything about the groom!

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