Staying Organized to Keep Your Budget On Track

Sometimes, amid the chaos of planning, it can be hard to stay organized and keep track of things. Here are a few of the things  I've been doing to keep everything together during these hectic final weeks.

staying organized

  • Utilize a wedding planner – I use a free template from Russel + Hazel and printed out the sheets I knew I wanted to use. Then I built my planner around the pages. I've mainly used the planning checklist along with the budget worksheets. They keep me focused and on track. However, there are plenty of pre-made planners as well.
  • Grab organizational goodies – I bought some dividers, business cards sheets, and found a pencil pouch in my office supply stash. I'm able to
  • Make sure to have a pocket! – I added a folder to my binder so that I could keep various flyers, receipts, etc. contained without having to actually punch them. It's been invaluable as a catch-all for the mountain paperwork that weddings seem to create.
  • Keep all your receipts – When following such a tight budget, it's important to closely track your budget. Collecting all your receipts in a file folder is a great way of making sure that your spending is regulated.
  • Use a spreadsheet/budget program to to chart expenses – I have an Excel spreadsheet that I have organized to add up my spending. This way I know how much I have left! With a small budget, the money goes quickly! So far, I haven't gone over. 😀
  • Carry a notebook with you – Find a small notebook (it doesn't have to be anything special) and bring it with you in your purse or whatever you carry on errands. This has helped me a lot when I might have an idea on the go or to jot down notes while meeting with a vendor. Then I can put it in my wedding planner at a later date.
  • Write to do lists – With so many things to do in not a lot of time, I find that its easy to get off track and distracted. It can be helpful to write down weekly or daily to do lists.  By doing this, you can stay on schedule without getting ahead of yourself or forgetting something important.

When you have a tight budget, I think you have to be even more organized than the average bride. Keeping a close eye on spending is essential and by using these simple methods, you can make your life a little bit easier. Most of these are free and you don't have to spend a fortune on a planner or a notebook. However, staying organized will end up saving you money in the long run! How are you staying organized?

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