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Summer Wedding Flowers: Trending Color Palettes for Summer Weddings

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Check out the top five Summer Color trends for Wedding Flowers from Bloom Culture Flowers, showcasing our favorite collections from their DIY flower packages!


Hey all! It’s Alison with Bloom Culture Flowers here to help you with all things color for your summer wedding flowers!

Choosing the perfect flowers for your summer wedding can be a daunting task– with so many beautiful options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the possibilities! But with some careful consideration and expert advice, you can find the perfect floral arrangements for your special day.

At Bloom Culture Flowers, we believe that color is one of the most important elements when choosing flowers for a summer wedding. Color has an incredible ability to set the mood and create atmosphere; it can take an event from ordinary to extraordinary! And with our extensive selection of seasonal blooms in vibrant colors, you’ll have no trouble finding just what you need to make your dream wedding come true.

Top 5 Color Palettes for Summer Wedding Florals

Below, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 trending color collections for summer weddings to help you narrow down the options and choose the perfect floral arrangements for your big day. Our collections include a range of hues and styles to complement various wedding themes. Let’s dive in and find the perfect one for you!

Terracotta & Blush 

If you’ve been planning a wedding for a long time or even just a few weeks, you will have come across the “terracotta” trend. In flowers, this color can range from a light beige to a bold rust tone, so it can vary. But our Terracotta & Blush collection showcases a great way to have muted, more neutral tones of terracotta, and we brighten it up a bit with some sweet blush pops.

This color palette is great for summer because it’s not too much of any one thing, if that makes sense. It has some brightness and some neutrals, and this is a palette that you won’t look back on in 10 years and think… “What was I thinking!?!”

Bloom Culture Flowers - TERRACOTTA BLUSH Collection

Featured Collection: 

Terracotta & Blush

Strawberry Champagne 

Strawberry champagne is such a fun color palette if you are a person who loves pink but like in an Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada sort of way and not like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (I may have just dated myself there but google it and you’ll be like “oooookay, got it”).

Also, ZERO shade to Elle… just some people aren’t a bubblegum pink type of person. So again, if you like pink but not too in your face, this is a great collection as it is paired with some anchoring neutral blush/pink tones and has pops of strawberry along with a touch of champagne colors to even it out a bit. I am personally doing a wedding on May 20, 2023, in this palette, and I cannot wait! 

Bloom Culture Flowers - STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE Collection

Featured Collection: 

Strawberry Champagne


Think of an English garden full of lush flowers and beautiful hues of lavender and plum or purple. Purple is a very specific vibe, but we have been seeing quite an uptick in interest in this palette. By adding in some other tones, not just the lavender, it really helps to make the lavender shine and stand out.

I talk about this a lot in my color theory – using darker varieties of the same color will actually help the main color stand out! This palette can be really elegant and fun in the warmer temps, and the lavender brightens everything up! 

Bloom Culture Flowers - LAVENDER Collection

Featured Collection: 


Muted Wild Flowers

If I had a quarter for how many times we had a consultation for a “Wild Flower” look for wedding flowers… I’d have a lot of quarters. The thing is… they all are totally different. The wildflower look and and does mean different things to different people.

This collection is a toned-down version of the bright multicolored wildflower look and has a very natural and neutral approach. Don’t get me wrong, it still has a very whimsical, just-pulled-from-the-ground-in-a-field look, just a bit more curated. This white, blue, and a hint of yellow wildflower palette is perfect for anyone looking for a natural vibe, but not just the standard green and white. 

Bloom Culture Flowers - WILDFLOWER Collection

Featured Collection: 

Wild – White & blue

Dusty Blush

Dusty Blush is by far the most sought-after color collection, and it hits just right for Summer. It’s a modernized version of the traditional blush & ivory, mixing in deeper, more muted blush tones and some less bright neutrals. Featuring one of the most sought-after roses, the quicksand rose, it feels less bright but still very classy.

I think color trends have transitioned a bit from a 2-3 color palette to an overall aesthetic when it comes to color in weddings. Most of the color is showcased in florals, dresses, and fabrics help too, but people tend to look more at the centerpiece than a napkin. It all ties together, but the main focus of color can be your floral, and this palette is a great way to modernize the Blush & ivory classic and still have a timeless look for your flowers. 

Bloom Culture Flowers - DUSTYBLUSH Collection

Featured Collection: 

Dusty Blush Collection

A Note On Color Selection

I want to leave you with some encouragement. At the end of the day, choose colors that you and your partner like and something that feels reflective of your personalities. Absolutely DO NOT feel pressure to select colors based on what you think you should be choosing and instead select them based on what you like and want.

If it’s not “trending”- not a problem. If you need help with color… not a problem. At Bloom Culture, we help you from the start of the flower process through the end. Set up a consultation to chat with us about your DIY Wedding Flowers, and we can chat about color along with all the things! DIY with Confidence with Bloom Culture and have a smooth DIY experience. 

bloom culture diy wedding flower plans
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Content designed, created, and written by Alison Fleck of Bloom Culture Flowers

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