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Tech Savvy Friends, Post Card Save-the-Dates <br> & Why I Ditched Formal Response Cards

In my first wedding searches I found Etsy Designer Ligaya of Los Angeles who makes custom, Las Vegas postcard Save-the-Dates. Right off the bat we saved $7 on postage by selecting postcards and this small savings gave us flexibility to purchase her quality design unique to our style.

Save the dates front postcard Save-the-DatesPostcard back postcard Save-the-Dates

Almost immediately after we mailed these beauties a wonderful friend of mine named Carolina gifted Chuck & I a custom website for the wedding. Her tech savvy comrade, Ben Hinc, from Kwinix Consulting worked with us from Chicago to plan the site via email and phone. Tech savvy people are so neat with all the html code they can remember and manipulate. Not me, or not well at least. My concept was to organize the site with our 55 guests in mind because most are traveling more than 2,000 miles to our destination wedding. Ben did a splendid job taking my researched information and sharing it in an easy format for all our guests to follow. He used our Save-the-Date design and a selection of stock images for the background on each webpage. We purposely set aside a page highlighting budget friendly activities in Las Vegas (with links) seen below.

Wedding website postcard Save-the-Dates
We also saved money by saying “buh-bye” to formal response cards. These came included in my printable invitation set, but instead we used those as simple inserts directing guests to our bombdiggity website where they can reply and more. These are what my guest’s inserts look like, edited for privacy of course.

Response insert postcard Save-the-Dates
I feel a sensible amount of pressure to stay within budget, but I also feel greatly rewarded thus far with my savings. I really focus on our priorities and allow my small victories to add up. Our 35 custom Save-the-Dates and postage cost us $54 total. The cost of our website was free. The savings from using online RSVPs is $25 in postage. Also, any foreseeable problems while traveling I hope to avoid for my guests is invaluable with the help of our wedding website. If you have flexibility to substitute your stationery for free or reduced shipping it’s worth considering post card save the dates and no response cards. No need to discreetly number RSVP cards with spy markers,  and no hassle with the postal service losing envelopes during the holidays.

Today I’m a happy Bride-to-be and once we mail our invitations I’ll gladly share the entire DIY invitation suite!


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