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The Simple + Free Way To Collect Photos from Your Wedding Guests

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Looking for a way to collect photos from your wedding guests? Wed Uploader allows you to easily gather wedding snaps from guests for FREE!


Welcome to the Future of Wedding Photo Collection! From the beginning of weddings as a tradition, couples have faced the inevitable hurdles of planning an event. From address collection to sharing the details of a wedding registry, tech companies and startups have built online tools to help today’s modern couples face these challenges in the digital age.

Easily collect all the snaps from your bridesmaids’ camera rolls with Wed Uploader. You don’t want to miss out on a single memory from your big day!

One benefit of living in this digital era is the presence of smartphone cameras. Since most of your guests are likely to have a smartphone in their hand, purse, or pocket for the entirety of your wedding festivities, it’s safe to say they’ll probably take more than a few photos during the celebration.

This gives today’s couples more angles and memories of their wedding day than ever before. But the challenge is collecting all those memories for the happy couple to keep and enjoy forever. There have been many services created to collect those photos, many of which are offered for a fee. Since we’re all about sharing the savviest, most efficient options with our readers, we’re super pleased to introduce you to an awesome option for collecting your wedding guests’ photos for absolutely free.

Introducing, Wed Uploader: The simplest, easiest, and free-est way to gather wedding pictures and videos from your friends and family!

From your DIY Photobooth to the selfies you snapped with your sorority sisters, have your guests upload their wedding day snaps easily and for free!

How Wed Uploader Works

1. Create Your Free Wed Uploader Account

Just sign up and connect your Google Drive with Wed Uploader to tell your photos where to go!

Easily snag and share all those sentimental memories captured by your besties.

2. Share Your Unique URL with Your Guests

When you create your Wed Uploader account, they’ll make a unique URL for you to share with your guests to easily collect their photos!

Collect every last moment from the phones of your nearest and dearest – even the ones from your new spouse’s phone!

3. Have Your Guests Snap + Share!

Your guests can visit your special link to upload their photos and videos directly to your Google Drive account.

From the silly to the sentimental, viewing your wedding day through the eyes of your guests gives you a special new way to experience your wedding.

Why Wed Uploader is Super Savvy

  • It’s the easiest way to gather every wedding picture and video from your friends and family.
  • No need to scour social for hashtags — the simple URL makes it crazy easy for your guests to share their snaps.
  • The service is absolutely free, with no hidden costs!
  • You own every moment – every single picture and video shared goes directly into your Google Drive!
  • Wed Uploader works on every type of device through every browser.
  • No apps to download or logins to memorize
  • There are no upload limits. You’ll receive every picture and image in original quality
  • Works great for all wedding events! Use it to collect pictures from wedding showers and bachelorette parties too!

You’ll be sure to love reliving your wedding day through the eyes of the friends and family who are there to celebrate with you. Your guests will capture the sweet, silly, and sentimental moments that only they can. There’s just something extra special about seeing the snaps that your loved ones snag on your big day. And when collecting them is this simple and free, using Wed Uploader is a savvy wedding no-brainer.

Get Your Wed Uploader Account Now to Collect Your Guests’ Wedding Photos!

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