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Top Tips for Couponing Your Wedding

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Couponing for your wedding is a great way to save money on everything you need for your big day. Check out these tips for scoring deals on wedding items!

Top Tips for Couponing Your Wedding

In order to design a wedding on a budget, you may have to find new ways to stretch your dollars. That includes shopping savvy, looking for wedding deals, and taking advantage of any discounts, coupons, or sales you can find! Oh, and don’t forget about cashback sites. There are literally SO many ways to save.

Here are some tips for couponing your wedding, and finding budget-friendly deals:

1. Craft stores

Your favorite craft stores always have coupons and weekly sales. Check weekly for coupons and sales at stores such as Joann’s and Michael’s. You’ll often find 50% percent off coupons to pair with great wedding décor and DIY projects. Here are some great buys that we have found:

  •  50 piece Invitation set (retailed for $24.99), pre-tax total: $12.50 (Coupon)
  •  Rhinestone Bridal Belt (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  •  Chalk Board Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Peony Bridal Bouquet (retailed for $14.99), pre-tax total: $7.50 (50% Sale)
  • Bridesmaid flowers (retailed for $2.99), pre-tax total: $1.50 (50% Sale)
  • “Thank You” cards; 100 Count (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  • Spray Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Paper Mache Letters ($1 off + 15 – 25% Sale)
  • Flower Girl Basket (retailed for $11.99), pre-tax total: $5.99 (Coupon)

*Please note: Be sure to check the policy of the coupon that you will be using. Most times you cannot pair a coupon with an item that is already on sale. Usually, waiting for an item to be “off sale” and pairing the item with a coupon is a much better deal. However, please note that craft stores in your area might have different pricing than above.

2. Discount Stores

We know, Dollar Tree or Dollar General are often looked upon as cheap and of ill taste for a wedding. But, you will be surprised what great pieces you can find! Have you seen their amazing DIY Weddings section on their site?

  • Flowers, $1!
  • Flower Girl Petals, $1!
  • Raffia (great for rustic centerpieces!), $1!
  • Vases, $1!
  • Flip Flops (great for dancing!), $1!
  • Party supplies: cups, plates, serving wear, wine glasses, $1!
  • Favor Boxes, $1!

**Please note: Check around for prices first. Even though items are $1, they are sold in smaller quantities. Sometimes you can stretch your dollar even more elsewhere!

3. Bargain shopping at Retail Stores

You may even have luck scouring the clearance rack at some of your favorite retail stores. Here’s a list of some great places to shop for wedding bargains:

4. Budget Savvy Bride’s Wedding Deals

Don’t sleep on our Wedding Deals section, y’all. We’ve partnered with dozens of awesome brands in the wedding retail space to bring you discounts you won’t find anywhere else. From bridesmaid dress discounts to wedding gifts and discounts on your wedding flowers — you’re sure to find a savvy deal for your big day.

Savvy Tips for Shopping Online for Your Wedding

With price wars going on between online and traditional retailers, more shoppers are heading to the interwebs to try to score their goods for less.  With so many sites offering free shipping, it’s kind of a no-brainer to hit the shops online!

But – there’s something you should know. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes of online stores, such as ‘dynamic pricing.’ Basically, the prices of highly sought-after products can fluctuate over a matter of minutes!! Crazy right?

So how do you make sure you’re getting the best deals? Check out these tips below:

Always price compare.

Check out resources like Pricegrabber or TheFind.com or Lyst which can compare prices on thousands of items from numerous online retailers.

Look for a coupon code, obviously.

You know when you check out online, there’s usually a box for a promo or coupon code. Never leave that empty!! Do a quick web search for that retailer and the term “coupon code” or check sites like RetailMeNot or DealSpotr for promo codes and discounts.

Try walking away.

We’ve found that sometimes if you “abandon” your shopping cart after placing a few items inside it, the retailer will email you with a coupon code to entice you to complete your purchase. This typically only works if you have an account set up with that particular retailer and you must be logged in when you load and leave your cart. It’s not a guaranteed strategy, but it’s worth a shot!

Follow your favorites.

We’ve found that by following your favorite brands and stores on social media, you’ll occasionally be privy to special deals and promotions that they only share with their fans and followers.

Never pay for shipping.

Only shop online when you can get free shipping. Paying for shipping is for the birds!! Check out coupon sites for free shipping codes, or wait and shop on free shipping day. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime, to receive free two-day shipping on Amazon, or grab Target’s REDcard (debit or credit), to get free shipping and 5% off at Target.

Sign up for price alerts.

There are several sites online that allow you to track specific items and receive e-mail alerts when they go on sale. Some even track price history, so you can see if the item has ever been listed for less than it is at the present! Capital One Shopping is one option that offers these features, and also includes a Chrome browser extension for easy adding and tagging of items you want to be tracked.

We hope these simple tips have inspired you to find new ways to create a wedding on a dime. Share your bargain-finding ideas with us in the community!

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