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Try these At-Home Beauty Treatments to Save Money

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Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home
Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home

Cut Back On Spending So You Can Save More Money for Your Wedding

If there’s one thing people ask us over and over, it’s how can they save more money for their weddings. While BSB isn’t technically a personal finance blog, I love sharing tips on how to be better at managing your money. Whether you’re planning a wedding or just trying to stick to a monthly budget, there are many ways to cut back in your daily lives to build up savings.

I’ve shared before about ways you can earn more money to pay for your wedding, as well as side-hustles to make extra cash. I’ve also talked about ways to cut back on your personal spending, and this post will share even more ideas for cutting costs.

Especially as women, there are tons of things that we spend money on that we could easily do ourselves with the right tools and supplies. So I thought I’d share some tips for things you can do yourself in order to save more money to put towards the big day. Check out these resources for DIY beauty services/tools so you can treat yo’self at home, without the hefty price tag of salon services. I hope these ideas inspire you to take your beauty into your own hands!

Try these At-Home Beauty Treatments to Save More Money for Your Wedding

Madison Reed Color Kit

Color Your Own Hair

One big expense that many ladies are saddled with is the cost of coloring their hair. If you’re the type of gal who loves to keep her tresses looking fresh, you know the pricey pain of the hair colorist. Thankfully, you can achieve salon-quality results at home with Madison Reed Hair Color. I’ve been using these products for the past several years and I am always thrilled with how my hair turns out. Each fall I go a shade or two darker, and I achieve my autumn hair upgrade with the Madison Reed Color Kit. Best of all, they also have great products to keep your color looking vibrant between colorings. Whether it’s using their Color Reviving Gloss or their amazing Root Touch Up product to keep the grays at bay, Madison Reed will keep your hair looking fab without the hefty price tag.

PS – Don’t miss my full personal review of the Madison Reed Hair Color Kit.

flash n go

Skip The Wax – Try Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Home

This one might seem a little scary at first, but it’s a game-changer! You might be sick of paying an arm and a leg every time you have to visit the salon to get a wax. Whether you’re removing hair from your underarms, legs, or even your bikini area, you can easily do it at home with the help of one handy device. The Silk’n Flash&Go will pay for itself in a matter of months when compared with the rates you’ll pay to get waxed on the regular.

foreo LUNA mini

Cancel Your Facial Appointments – Try these Skincare Devices

There are plenty of spa-worthy facial treatments you can give yourself at home. I personally love doing sheet masks and they have varieties for every skin need. From anti-aging to ultra-moisturizing, you can find a sheet mask to get your skin into tip-top shape. Proper exfoliation is key, too. If you are just looking for daily cleansing, try a Clairisonic or a FOREO LUNA mini. Looking for an alternative to Microdermabrasion? You could try the PMD to get similar results at home. There are SO many things you can do for your skin at home if your budget is tight, or if you’d rather put those funds toward your big day!

PS – Check out our review for the PMD to learn more about microdermabrasion at home!

Sally Hansen Gel Polish

Break Up with Your Manicurist – DIY Your Mani-Pedis

Every once in a while, you might like to treat yourself to a salon mani-pedi. While I totally understand the desire for indulgence, you’ll save a ton of cash if you cut this expense out of your life. We are all completely capable of doing our own nails, and how great is it to hone the skill by practicing at home? Plus, you can get the gel quality and durability at home thanks to a few special products if you’re looking for polish that lasts. There are even a few products that you can get at your local drugstore, like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel that is said to last up to 14 days!


Luminess Tan

Avoid the Tanning Salon – Give Yourself an Airbrush Tan at Home

Lying in a tanning bed can damage your skin and cause you to prematurely age, so I’d recommend avoiding tanning salons in general. But if you’re one of those gals who loves to have a sun-kissed glow, there are options to help you achieve this look for less. From drugstore spray-on brands to investing in your own at-home airbrush tanning device, you can save bundles by doing this beauty treatment at home.

Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects

Skip the Professional Whitening Treatments – Whiten Your Teeth at Home

I’ve said it over and over, you don’t need to pay professional prices for professional Teeth Whitening results. You can achieve the look of a radiant smile for less with products you can buy at your local drugstore or even online! Consider products like Crest Whitestrips or the Dazzling White pen to enhance those pearly whites. You can achieve a much whiter and brighter smile for a fraction of the cost of visiting your dentist for professional treatments.

PS – Check out our thoughts on Crest Whitestrips in our review!

Alternatively, we love the whitening kits by BrideBrite and GroomGlow as they provide the premium all-in-one teeth whitening experience. With Bride Brite, you will not only get the ultimate dentist designed whitening kit, but you will also receive an exclusive program on how to guarantee pearly whites for that special day. All it takes is 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

Need one of each? You can get a great deal on both the BrideBrite and GroomGlow through our link here.

If you want a more high-tech, professional option, Snow Teeth Whitening has hundreds of thousands of happy fans worldwide and just launched on Amazon as part of their Exclusives program. More celebrities and celebrity dentists use their patented system than any other on the market. 5-year warranty + results guaranteed. Plus, they donate profits from each order to help children. Check out the lowest price available here.

I hope these products inspire you to take your beauty routine into your own hands. It just might save you some money! Think of all the extra funds you’ll have to put towards your wedding day if you do these things yourself! Happy planning!


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