Ways to Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding

ways to earn extra money

One of the biggest struggles in wedding planning is setting a budget and finding the money to make it happen. Maybe your personal budget is tight due to other financial commitments like student loans, car payments, etc. If that's the case, have you thought of trying to find ways to earn extra money to put towards your wedding day? I've been asking around and it turns out there are lots of options if you're looking to earn extra money for your wedding! The most important thing I wanted to highlight was ways that are fun and flexible, so you can do them in addition to your day job, without the need to pick up a part time position somewhere else. Below is a list of some of the ideas we came across for Ways to Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding:


Are you good with kids? Consider doing some babysitting! Post yourself online at sites like Care.com or SitterCity.com – you could even try Craigslist or the community listings at your church or other local groups. Whether you're looking for something steady or just want to pick up some weekends — this can be a great way to earn extra cash to put towards wedding funds! Just think– if you get kids who are of a certain age/skill level, you might even be able to get them to help you with some DIY wedding projects… 😉


Another great option for earning some money for your wedding is petsitting. If you don't have any family or friends in need of a petsitter, you can check out this new website that connects dog-owners with caring, local dog-sitters. It's called Rover.com, and is a great way for couples to earn some extra money on their own schedule and at their own home. The site also provides dog owners with an alternative to kennels and there's nothing like a little furry friend to relieve some wedding-related stress. Puppy and kitty snuggles to the rescue! Rover.com petsitters have used the money they've earned to go towards wedding and honeymoon expenses, and if you're a pet-owner yourself you'll definitely want to bookmark this site in case you need a petsitter yourself for your upcoming honeymoon!


AirBNB is a website that allows you to rent out your home (or even just a room inside your home) for a short period of time. If you've got extra space or if you've got a trip coming up, why not rent out that space to someone visiting your area? The site is safe and has policies in effect to protect the renters and rentees, so you can rent with confidence. If you live in a desirable destination for tourists, I'm sure you'll find some who would love to rent out your place equipped with a kitchen and all the comforts of home over a hotel! My family and I are actually renting a condo on the Santa Monica pier next month when we go to visit my sister — way cheaper than a hotel! The bonus is we can all stay together and cook meals at ‘home' so we spend less dining out.



Have a car and some extra time? Consider signing up to be an Uber or Lyft driver! Ridesharing is a hot new trend, especially in cities where having a car isn't essential. If you've got reliable transportation, you can sign up to serve as an alternative to an expensive taxi, and make some extra money in the process. Living in NYC, I don't often take cabs because they are so expensive, but these services are much more affordable, and I've found the drivers to be WAY nicer, too!


Have a marketable skill? Graphic design, copy editing, social media management, accounting? What about Tutoring or teaching an instrument or skill like knitting or web coding? Share that you're looking for freelance work and start picking up jobs on the side. Every little bit helps! Check out sites like Elance.com or even Craigslist or job postings.


With the number of people running their own businesses now, the need for virtual assistants is through the roof! If you've got extra time and are detail oriented, you can probably find virtual assistant positions for a variety of clients. Check out sites like Odesk or Outsourcely to peruse job listings and find a position that's right for you!


Do you have stuff you don't really need but hate to throw away? One man's trash is another man's treasure– try selling used clothing, collectibles, or whatever else you've got cluttering up your closet on Ebay or Craigslist! You'll be surprised at how much cash can add up quickly, and how therapeutic clearing the clutter can be! I had a friend whose fiancé scoured thrift shops for cheap baseball caps for a couple bucks, then cleaned them up and sold them for $25+ each on eBay. It turned into quite a fun side project for him and they earned a few hundred extra dollars to put towards wedding expenses. Pretty sweet!


Are you creative? Do you like to make things? Do you paint, craft, sew, knit or make jewelry? Maybe you should consider creating an Etsy shop! Working on something creative can be very therapeutic and good for the heart, and then selling those things for extra money can be good for your wallet! A great way to physically relieve stress while relieving some financial stress, too! Just be sure to weight the time invested as well as material costs into your pricing so that you know you are making enough to make it worth your time! Our own bride blogger Dana created an Etsy shop after crafting her own wedding garter and has since gone on to expend into lapel pins as well! She was able to make a little extra money for her big day and is continuing on with her blossoming business post-wedding as well!



Have you considered picking up a part time job or side-hustle? You could even get extra work in weddings! Perhaps your wedding planner needs an assistant to set up on some of her other weddings, or your florist could use an extra set of hands with set up and breakdown. Offer your time in exchange for payment or even work off your wedding balance! You could even consider offering your services and working as a master of ceremonies or DJ to bring in some extra money.

You could also consider joining a direct sales or MLM business! Check out our posts on side-hustles (we like to call them BRIDE hustles) here:

What do you think of our list? Have you taken on any of these gigs to earn some extra cash for your big day?