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Wedding Budget Tip #14: Shop at Thrift Stores for Wedding Items

This post is part of a recurring series where we share wedding budget tips to help you save money on your wedding day! In this post, we're talking about how shopping at thrift stores for wedding items can save you money!

Wedding Budget Tip #14: Shop for affordable wedding decor at thrift stores!

Wedding Budget Tip #14:

Shop at thrift stores for items you can use as wedding decor!

Some of my favorite places to shop for wedding decor are thrift shops!

When I was planning my own budget wedding, I scoured my local Goodwill and any other secondhand store or thrift shop I could find. I hunted for nice-looking glass jars, vases, and other decorative items to use for my wedding. I was able to collect around 50 milk glass vases, many of them under $1 each. By shopping at thrift shops, I built up a great inventory of wedding decor without spending a ton of cash.

Thrift Shop Wedding Decor Ideas

Examples of Wedding Items You Could Find at Thrift Stores:
  • this bride got her wedding shoes at a thrift store
  • this bride got many of her wedding decor items at thrift stores
  • books – if you want to plan a book-themed wedding, thrift stores are a great place to find cheap books to use!
  • you can even purchase plain glass jars and paint them white to make them look like fancy milk glass
  • plain tablecloths/linens
  • buy dishes, china, and flatware at thrift stores for a vintage eclectic look!
  • you could even get lucky and find your wedding dress at a thrift store!

Not only is shopping at Thrift Stores a great way to save money, but it's also a key way to plan a thoughtful wedding. Consider your eco-footprint when purchasing items for your big day. Doesn't it feel better to use something again, rather than wastefully buying something new?

But there are some even more amazing deals to be had, by shopping for used wedding decor online from other brides! And best of all, you can easily re-sell your wedding decor items yourself after your big day to recoup some of your costs.


So tell us: are you planning to shop at thrift stores for wedding items?

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Wedding Budget Tip #14: Shop for affordable wedding decor at thrift stores!

Wedding Budget Tip #14: Shop for affordable wedding decor at thrift stores!


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