Wedding Budget Tip #49: Stay organized

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Wedding Budget Tip #49: Save your receipts and stay organizedWedding Budget Tip #49: Save your receipts and stay organized

Wedding Budget Tip #49: Save your receipts and stay organized

Wedding Budget Tip #49:

Save your receipts and stay organized!


There are so many things involved in planning a wedding. So many things to keep track of, so many details to coordinate, so many people to manage. It's so important to remain organized, not just for your own sanity, but also for the sake of your budget!

This goes for all aspects of your planning, not just the financial side of things. You'll likely want to have a wedding planning binder or folder where you keep copies of important documents, contracts, vendor agreements, quotes, and more. Or perhaps you'll go the digital route and get all your docs electronically. Come up with a filing system to keep things organized in your Google Drive or Dropbox account so you can access those important files from anywhere!

When it comes to money, be sure to save all your receipts for anything you purchase for your wedding. Record each of your expenses in a dedicated place to keep track of your spending. One of our favorite ways to keep track of your wedding spending is by using a wedding budget spreadsheet. Keeping good records of this information is key to seeing how much you've spent and how much you have left to spend, which will ultimately help keep you on track.

The hard part? Practicing restraint. You must decide not to spend more money if you've already spent your allocated budget. Choosing not to spend more than you've budgeted takes willpower and determination! Just remember to focus on what matters most and ask yourself if you really need those extras that will take you over budget.

If you're looking for tips on wedding planning organization, check out this post I wrote for Weddings at The Spruce!

So tell us: how are you staying organized during wedding planning?

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