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One Meaningful Wedding Choice that Will Impact Your Budget and the World

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Choosing to use lab-created diamonds for your wedding and engagement jewelry is a meaningful decision to impact your budget and the world!

One Meaningful Wedding Choice that Will Impact Your Budget and the World

When it comes to planning a wedding, you may already feel like there are thousands of decisions you’re having to make to get down the aisle. From setting a wedding date to selecting your color scheme, there are many details, both big and small, that add up to create the end result of your wedding celebration.

Of course, you’re probably already considering how each of your choices impacts your budget along the way. But have you ever stopped to think about if the choices you’re making are good for the environment?

This one wedding choice will impact not just your budget, but also the planet!

An Eco-friendly Choice

If you’re looking for ideas to make eco-friendly wedding choices, there’s one simple decision that can impact not only your budget but also the planet! That choice is selecting a lab-created diamond over a naturally mined stone.

Miadonna Lab Created Diamonds

Fashionista Accented Engagement Ring from MiaDonna

The Benefits of Lab-grown Diamonds

There are many benefits to choosing a stone that is grown in a lab:

  • price: you’ll often save 25% off the price of a naturally mined stone of comparable size
  • transparency: you’ll know where your stone came from and how it was created
  • ethics: your diamond will have no possible risk of coming from a war-torn area of the world
  • savvy: no one will be any wiser about your choice. Even trained pros can’t tell mined from lab stones!
  • authenticity: the chemical makeup of a lab stone is exactly the same of a natural one, so they’re 100% real!
Elodie Engagement Ring - Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings - MiaDonna

Elodie Wedding Set from MiaDonna
Petite Collection Wedding Set - Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings - MiaDonna

The Petite Collection, Emery Three Stone Engagement Ring from MiaDonna

Technology has impacted so many aspects of life, including the diamond industry. Thanks to lab techniques, you can get a larger stone for a lower price, and without the worry of being sourced via unethical practices.

Not to mention environmentalist experts call diamond mining an unnecessary evil that permanently damages the Earth. There’s nothing romantic about putting massive amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere.

Ethical and Beautiful

When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you’re choosing a product that has ethical, environmental, and economic impact on the world. Talk about conscious commerce!

If you’re looking for a reputable source for ethical engagement rings, check out MiaDonna, whose jewelry is handcrafted in the U.S.A. Not only do they produce pieces using lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, but they also use recycled precious metals, as well.

Their collection of fine lab-grown diamond jewelry is guaranteed conflict-free, created without negatively impacting the environment or native communities.

Further, MiaDonna gives at least 10% of net profits from every purchase to their charity foundation, The Greener Diamond. This foundation helps fund mentorship, education, agricultural, and urgent relief programs in diamond mining communities in countries such as Liberia, Togo and Sierra Leone, Africa. 

Miadonna Lab Created Diamonds
Adelaide Engagement Ring from Miadonna

miadonna lab-grown diamonds

You’ll feel good and look good this wedding season with the world’s most ethical engagement rings and bridal jewelry from MiaDonna. 

Betty Engagement Ring - Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings - MiaDonna
Briar Engagement Ring Miadonna

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