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Wedding Guest book Ideas

One of the nice things about planning a wedding on a budget is not feeling obligated to do what is considered traditional. From the aspects you decide to cut out completely (we’re not having table numbers or favors) to things you decide to do a little differently, or to DIY.

Throughout the wedding planning process I’ve been pretty open to new and different ideas. My fiance, on the other hand, likes to go the more traditional route. And even though some people say the wedding is all about the bride, I always strive to make sure Tom is involved even if it’s as simple as asking him if he’s okay with something I like. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it!

One area we’ve compromised on is with our guestbook. I knew people got creative in this area but I never realized how much until I started looking at wedding boards on Pinterest. Wow! And a lot of these wedding guestbook ideas are not only more unique than the traditional book with lined pages for signatures, but can also be more budget savvy. See some of the examples below:

The guestbook can be something you use as decoration.


Or a guestbook can be an item you will use later on.


We decided to go with a photobook ourselves. This option satisfies my need to have something fun and still gives Tom a “book” where we can read notes from our guests. Tom’s best woman (his good female friend will be in our wedding party) received $20 credit for Shutterfly when she purchased her gown at David’s Bridal. She gave that to me to use! I chose a 20-page 12×12 inch hardbound book for $35. With $20 off, the price went down to $15, and shipping added $10 for a total of $25. I think it’s a great deal! Our photobook will feature pictures of trips my fiance and I have taken and it will give our guests something fun to look at as well.

I think a Shutterfly is a great option and I’ve seen lots of deals through sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. But don’t feel limited by what is traditional, choose something you’ll appreciate years down the road whether it’s a framed photo or a surfboard!


Ashley Catherine

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