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Wedding Postponement Announcements and Change the Dates

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Wedding Postponement Announcements and Change the Dates
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Changing the date of your big day? Check out these Wedding Postponement Announcements from Minted to Inform Your Guests of your new plans in style!

wedding postponement announcement • change the date card from Minted

Postponed Change the date Announcement from Minted

If you’ve been in wedding planning mode for a while, you obviously know about save the dates… but I bet you never considered the need for change the dates, did ya?

Chances are if you’re reading this post you may be grappling with the decision to change your date or alter your wedding plans.

This is the unfortunate reality of planning a wedding during these pandemic times. Whether you were forced to pivot from your original plans or decided to postpone to a later date just to be on the safe side, you’ll need to inform your guests of your new wedding plans. Especially if you’ve previously sent out save the dates or wedding invitations.

Informing your guests about changes in your wedding plans

While you are probably already in touch with your closest loved ones about the shift in your plans, you may want to opt for a more official way to share the bittersweet news. If your wedding gets postponed for any reason, you can send your guests a “change the date” card!

Guess what? You’re for sure not the only bride-to-be that’s going through this. COVID has tons of couples changing their plans for the big day. Luckily, our savvy partners at Minted are totally on the ball with some incredibly stylish–and dare we say, fun!– designs to inform your guests of your change in plans. Hey, if you can’t find a little humor in the midst of all of this, you’re only hurting yourself, sister.

The Best Wedding Postponement Announcement Cards and Change the Dates from Minted!

Browse these chic and stylish designs to inform your guests of the changes in your plans:

Let's Try This Again - Postponed wedding announcement from Minted
Let’s Try This Again – Wedding Postponement Card from Minted
	 Change the Date! Cards from Minted
Change the Date – Wedding Postponement Card from Minted
Funky Names Change The Date Cards
Postponed Change the date Announcement from Minted

These stylish wedding plan announcement cards are great for all sorts of situations:

  • Changing your date for the official celebration even if you decide to go ahead and tie the knot
  • Fully postponing your wedding festivities or pushing it back a year
  • Announcing that you’ve decided to just do the dang thing and have a microwedding
  • Informing folks that you said heck no to wedding planning in 2020 and eloped
  • Sharing your excitement about extending your engagement with engagement announcements
Luxe Cream Postponement Card from Minted
Moody Marbling Postponement Card from Minted
Together Always Postponement Card from Minted

Haven’t solidified your new wedding date or confirmed new plans yet?

We know that this process of rescheduling (or in some cases, fully replanning) a wedding can be super overwhelming. Just be sure to keep your guests informed as a courtesy. Even if you haven’t been able to fully reschedule your wedding date yet but know you plan to, it’s important to be in communication with your guests.

Whether or not you send a change the date announcement in the mail, be sure to spread the word. You want to ensure every guest knows that your festivities will not be taking place on the original date.

Have you received a change the date or postponement announcement in the mail yet?

Pro tip: If you know a couple who’ve had to postpone their big day, send a gift! It doesn’t have to be anything super pricey, but it’s just a little small way to acknowledge couples who’ve been through the ringer this year, or congratulate couples if you can’t be there to celebrate in person. Take a peek at the Minted Gift Guide for some lovely personalized options.

Shop Minted’s Collection of Event Change Cards

Browse their full assortment of Change the Dates and Postponement Announcements!

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