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Minimonies, Microweddings, & Elopements: Intimate, Savvy Weddings

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Considering a Minimony, microwedding, or elopement? Find out which option is right for you!

Minimonies, Microweddings, & Elopements: Intimate, Savvy Weddings

If you know any couples who tried to plan a wedding during Coronavirus, you likely witnessed a series of pivots, postponements, or worse. Countless couples had to juggle ongoing uncertainty of restrictions and reopenings over the course of two years as well as how those circumstances impacted their wedding plans. For a time, engaged couples were left with one of three choices if they want to move forward with their wedding celebration.

If they didn’t want to let the pandemic stand between them saying “I do,” you’ll need to choose your own alternate wedding adventure that fits within the current allowances in your area. Below we’ll share all about microweddings, minimonies, and elopements so you can decide the best course of action for your walk down the aisle.

Elopement = just the two of you

An elopement is typically an intimate wedding ceremony that includes the couple, an officiant, and perhaps a witness. Traditionally, elopements were spontaneous, of the moment decisions where couples romantically chose to run away together and get hitched. But nowadays, eloping is becoming an increasingly popular planned choice chosen by couples who want both romance and simplicity as part of their wedding day. Whether you choose to head to the courthouse or hire an officiant to come to a special location (or even your own backyard) planning an elopement can be a truly beautiful, personal, and meaningful way to get married.

Many couples are taking the spirit of “running away together” quite literally and planning adventure elopements. An adventure elopement is an intimate ceremony in a destination with mesmerizing views as a backdrop for your vows. Even if you don’t plan to travel far for your elopement, it could still be adventurous. Get hitched at the top of a mountain after a hike along your favorite trail. Or exchange your vows on a boat in the lake you and your partner love to relax on every weekend. Whether or not you initially intended on an elopement for your wedding day, it can still be an incredible and memorable experience for both of you.

A Coronavirus Wedding - Minimony - Backyard Microwedding
Learn more about how this couple pulled off their backyard minimony here.

Minimony = the alternative wedding

“Minimony” is a newly-coined term by The Knot for wedding ceremonies taking place in lieu of or in addition to your formal celebration. Hosting a minimony has become an increasingly popular choice by many couples due to the pandemic. Minimonies are a good compromise for couples who were forced to postpone their weddings due to restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. A minimony is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate your original wedding date. You can choose to get legally married at your minimony even if you still plan to host a larger celebration at a later time.

Personally, we like to think of your minimony as a “bonus wedding!” Just be careful to not overextend yourself financially. Don’t overspend in an attempt to make the bonus wedding as ballin’ as the original. If you plan to party properly later, keep a strict budget in mind for your bonus bash! Many couples are opting for minimonies at home or in their backyards. If your event size is restricted due to social distancing rules, you can still include those who can’t attend in person. Just include a livestream component to allow family and friends near and far to witness the ceremony online. Plus, saving money on your wedding will help you prepare for life after the big day. Learn more about planning a virtual wedding.

Livestream options to consider for your minimony:

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wedding scene

Microwedding = A wedding with 50 guests or less

“Microwedding” is really just a fancy term for an intimate wedding with a smaller than average guest list. A microwedding is simply a traditional celebration with 50 people or less in attendance. A microwedding is a typical celebration with the usual luxe look on a smaller scale than the “average” celebration. (According to resources like The Knot, the average wedding guest list size hovers somewhere between 120-150.)

You just might be in luck if you were already planning for a small guest list at your wedding. If your area allows gatherings of up to 50 people then a microwedding is still a possibility for you! Just be aware that circumstances can change quite rapidly and you have to be willing to pivot if necessary. The biggest wedding planning lesson of 2020 has been to be adaptable and willing to do what is necessary!

“While interest in microweddings surged during the pandemic, we’re seeing this trend have real staying power. The post-pandemic world left many couples struggling with inflation and economic uncertainty on many levels. When compared to traditional weddings, the cost savings of microweddings is undeniable. As a result, all signs are currently pointing to microweddings remaining in vogue for the foreseeable future.” Matt Dalley, Co-founder Simply Eloped

Browse pandemic weddings:

In Closing

There are many benefits of having an intimate wedding, including cost savings. If you’re having trouble deciding who to include or not to include, check out this guest list flowchart.

Whether you choose an elopement, microwedding, or a minimony, your wedding day will be incredibly special. No matter which wedding path you choose, your day is sure to be beautiful and meaningful if you plan it the savvy way!

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