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17 Things You Should Do the Week Before Your Wedding

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You’re in the final countdown! What are the final tasks and to-do’s to tackle the week before the wedding? Check out this list!

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After weeks, months, or even years of wedding planning, the final days leading up to your big day can feel like a whirlwind. You’re likely feeling thrilled to finally exchange your vows and celebrate with your closest family and friends! But you might also feel slightly out of sorts. It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed as you make sure you have checked everything off of your wedding checklist.

If you’re suddenly feeling as though you might have forgotten to complete a to-do, don’t fret! We’re detailing the top 15 things to complete during the final days before you walk down the aisle. And before you ask, yes, you can totally get it all done!

So check out this list to make sure you’ve dotted your i’s, crossed your t’s, and gotten all of your ducks in a row.

1. Try on Your Wedding Dress/Wedding Attire

Whether you had your wedding dress altered or you purchased it right off of the rack because it fit perfectly, now is the time to try everything on one final time. Your partner should do the same! Make sure everything you’re planning to wear fits how you imagined, including any accessories. If it doesn’t, make a beeline for your alteration shop.

While you’re trying everything on, both you and your partner should try on the shoes you each plan to wear on your wedding day. Although you don’t want your shoes to have any noticeable dirt or scuff marks on them, your wedding day is also not the time to break in shoes for the first time. Think about wearing them around the house during the final week (or weeks) prior to your wedding, so they’re comfortable all day while you celebrate.

2. Pre-Wedding Beauty Appointments

There are some beauty treatments you should avoid so close to your big day, such as a facial or any injections. But scheduling some time to pamper yourself the week of your wedding is wonderful if you can swing it. You might book a massage, manicure, and pedicure to treat yourself and calm any pre-wedding anxiety. Or perhaps you’ll want to get a spray tan or do some waxing before you jet off for the honeymoon. Make sure you allow time for this in your schedule if it’s a priority for you!

3. Ensure You’re Paid in Full

Your vendors will likely reach out to you if they’re missing any payments, but it’s also helpful to take a look at your balance sheets to make sure everyone is paid in full. If you’re unsure, send an email! This is important because many wedding professionals have notes in their contracts that state they are not liable to perform services at your wedding if the final payment is not received. Make sure to create separate envelopes for any gratuities or tips you’ll want to be disbursed to your wedding vendors as well.

4. Review Your Contracts

While you’re making sure everyone is paid in full, take time to refresh your memory on the services you booked with your wedding professionals. What does each owe you? What time are they supposed to leave and depart? When can you expect various deliverables? Make sure to touch base with your photographer, videographer, rental company, DJ, venue coordinator, and anyone else. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them so you can include them in your day-of wedding timeline.

5. Confirm Your Timeline

Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or creating your own day-of timeline, run through the plans that are in place to make sure you agree with all of the proposed timing. Keep in mind, it’s always best to have more time to complete something (hair and makeup, getting dressed, photos) than not enough!

6. Send Timeline Details to Your Wedding Party + Family Members

Your wedding party and family members like to feel as though they’re in the know. Once your wedding day timeline is set, either print copies to give to them or simply send everyone an email. You should take care to remind all the key players when to arrive for your rehearsal and wedding day hair and makeup, followed by refreshers on the start and end times of your ceremony and reception. This is also the time to fill them in on anything they need to bring with them or do on or before your wedding day. This can include everyone from your best man, maid of honor, groomsmen, bridesmaids, ushers, and anyone else with a formal role in your ceremony.

7. Make Your Caterer Aware of Any Food Allergies

Your caterer only knows as much as you tell them, so make sure to fill your team in on any food allergies that might be present at your wedding. This allows them to have the proper time to put any contingency plans into place. It’s also helpful to let the rest of your team members know too, especially if there’s a peanut allergy amongst your wedding party and/or family. Many wedding pros will snack on items containing nuts throughout the day (think: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, almonds, and crackers) that they will now want to not bring with them.

8. Confirm Seating Arrangements

You likely had to turn in your final guest count for food and beverage prior to the week of your wedding, so that your caterer has a final count for meals. Your caterer will ask you to confirm where all of your guests are sitting, and you will also be asked to number your tables. This is also the time to make sure every guest has an escort card with their correct table noted.

9. Finish Any Lingering DIY Projects

You don’t want to be spending the final night before your wedding day working on projects, so try to wrap up any lingering to-dos early in the week! If you’ve forgotten to print your place cards, escort cards, table numbers, or other small paper items for the day of the wedding, check out our free wedding printable templates!

10. Create a Wedding Party + Family Photo List

Many photographers will ask you to submit a list of photos and pairings you would like captured during your group portrait session. This is an important step to complete because the more organized your list is, the faster you will move through portraits! Also, make sure you let extended family members know they’re needed for portraits, as well as what time to arrive and where to meet. 

11. Wrap Wedding Day Gifts

If you’re presenting your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, or partner with a wedding day gift, make sure it’s wrapped ahead of time. Set all your gifts aside in a spot where you will remember to take everything with you to your wedding venue on the big day.

12. Pack for Your Wedding + Honeymoon

One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is to pack separate bags for your wedding and honeymoon. While some of your items may overlap, there’s a high probability you won’t need your wedding items on your honeymoon and vice-versa. Things to not miss for your wedding: rehearsal dinner attire, getting ready outfit, wedding day attire, underwear, shoes, perfume, jewelry, and toiletries. And don’t forget the wedding day emergency kit! Make sure you have some snacks on hand as well. No one wants a hangry bride (or groom!)

If you’re leaving the day after for your honeymoon, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents with you like IDs and passports.

13. Gather Together Your Day-Of Wedding Details

When your photographer arrives on your wedding day, the first thing they will capture from their shot list is your wedding day details. Pack a box or set aside your wedding jewelry, perfume, veil (if you’re wearing one), shoes, wedding vows books, and stationery (save-the-date, invitation, and day-of paper.)

14. Pack and Organize Any Decorations

If you’re a DIY bride, you’ve probably gathered some wedding decorations that you plan to use on the big day. It’s important to make sure all the important stuff gets safely transported to your wedding venue. Whether you purchased decorations on Etsy or Amazon, you’ll want to place items in boxes that are labeled with the setup location and purpose. Make sure they are packed and organized for easy transport and set up, whether you’re setting up yourself or have hired a day-of-coordinator.

15. Pack Your Marriage License

Your marriage is not valid unless you sign your marriage license with your officiant and any necessary witnesses. So, don’t forget to bring it!

16. Confirm Your Ceremony Details

Before your rehearsal, it’s important to confirm your processional (the order in which your family and wedding party will walk down the aisle), as well as your music and vows.

17. Celebrate!

No matter how long you have spent carefully planning your wedding, now is the time to enjoy every moment! Soak in the fact that all of your favorite people are together in the same place at the same time, realize that you’re getting married (!), and make sure to step away a few times to simply take it all in.

You’re in the home stretch – it’s the final countdown! Although this list might seem lengthy, each step is not designed to take a terribly long time to complete. Once you do, you will know you are totally organized and ready to spend your long-awaited wedding day having fun with your partner, family members, and friends. What could be better?

How are you prepping for your wedding day? Are there any steps you would add to our list? Let us know in our community!

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Jessica Bishop is the founder of TheBudgetSavvyBride.com, and has worked in various areas and roles within the wedding industry since 2007. She is the author of the best-selling book,The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer and also hosts The Bouquet Toss Wedding Planning Podcast. Jessica's expert wedding advice and savvy savings tips have been featured by Good Morning America, COSMOPOLITAN, Glamour, and more.