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40+ Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas to Suit Any Party Theme

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Looking for bridal shower invitations for a pre-wedding party? Check out these cute options from our favorite online sources!


Bridal showers are meant to celebrate the bride and make her feel loved before the big day. These bridal celebration events typically happen about a month or more before the wedding day. And one important aspect of hosting one of these important events is sending bridal shower invitations to the guests you (or the bride-to-be) would like to attend.

The guest list for a bridal shower typically includes the bride’s closest female friends and family. The amount of people invited is completely up to you, the bride, and your budget! Usually, a wedding shower would last around 2-4 hours. Though bridal showers used to be fairly traditional events, these days, there are no rules. So do what makes you (or the bride, if you are the shower hostess) feel most comfortable and loved!

Choosing the Perfect Invitations for a Wedding Shower

To make these pre-wedding parties more festive and fun, bridal showers are often themed. Bridal shower invitations are important because they set the mood for the entire day and can give a nod to the shower theme. Whether you opt to mail printed invitations or send digital invitations by email, make sure the design is on point.

Best Affordable Bridal Shower Invitations for Every Shower Theme

Bridal showers can be anything the bride wants, there are no rules as to how a shower should be, so make it your own! Below are some gorgeous and inexpensive bridal shower invitation ideas featuring different design aesthetics, font styles, themes, and more!

Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

Make your bridal shower invites stand out with one of these truly unique offerings.


No Games Shower Invitations

Minted • $2.03

Customize the front and back, as well as the envelope. Choose from over 28 colors and photo layouts. Pressed wax can be added to beautify the seal of the envelope. A party with no games and lots of fun!


Bridal Shower Invitation with Recipe Card and Insert Card

Etsy • $10+
A beautifully designed invitation with a unique twist. For the bride wanting to cook more, allow guests to write out their favorite recipe to bring to the bridal shower! Personalizations are available as well as letting the invites be digital or printed.

Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

A romantic yet pretty design for a floral inspired bridal shower. Let the guests know this is a girls-only event based on the print and colors of the invitation. 


Crisky Rose Gold Foil Bridal Shower Invitation


Rose gold themed bridal shower invitation. Purchase blank to write in guests names and details, making each invite more personal. Coming in a pack of 25 with envelopes attached.


Delicate Florals Bridal Shower Invitations

Zola • $1.99

This lovely hand-drawn flower design comes on premium cardstock in a variety of colors to choose from.


Bridal Shower Invitations with Envelopes

Amazon • $14.99

Fill in invitations for a bridal shower. For a small guest list, handwriting each invitation adds an extra touch of personalization that guests will love!


Muddled Mauve Bridal Shower Invitation

Basic Invite • $0.83

A simple yet pretty bridal shower invitation decorated with mauve and green florals. Foil is available to include and decide from four different card shapes.

Zola-Ybel-Arched-Bridal-Shower Invitation

Cute Bridal Shower Invitations

Zola • from $1.49 per card

Bold, gorgeous flowers for a spring bridal shower. Vibrant colors are the focal point of the invitation. Decide from four color themes and foils to customize the card!


Windsong Shower Invites

Zola • from $1.49 each

This luxurious botanical design is graced with exquisite watercolor flowers and foliage, surrounding timeless typography. Soft colors like greens and purples surround the edges of the invitation.


Greenery Shower Invitation

Etsy • $15+

A beautiful invitation for fall showers. Digital or printed options are available. Each purchase comes in a pack of 15 or more. Soft roses layered with greenery and a white pumpkin are floral yet elegant.


Soft Floral Arches Bridal Shower Invitation

Shutterfly • $1.93

Soft colored bridal shower invitation with pops of pinks greens and whites. Personalized foil in three colors are optional as well as changing the color scheme of the cards. Perfect for a bridal brunch!

Lingerie Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Often a bridal shower can be lingerie themed for the bride-to-be to be gifted all new lingerie for her new life as a wife-to-be!


Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation

Minted • $2.14 per card

A bridal shower just for the ladies.

This simple design shows it’s a bridal shower with a lingerie twist! Matching accessories are available for an added cost.


Foil-Pressed Bridal Shower Invitation

Minted • $3.46

For a fancier look on the invitations, foil-pressed printing adds shine. Each purchase comes with ten cards at a time. A dressier event calls for a dress-inspired invitation card! Matching accessories are available for added purchase.

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitations

Make dreams become a reality with a tea party inspired bridal shower. Invitations below signify the tea party theme for guests to come prepared and excited.


Floral Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation

Minted • $2.14

A bridal shower tea party is a dream for some brides! Choose the color theme and silhouette shape. Add any extra details on the back including a picture of the bride! Free recipient addressing is available to simplify the invitation process.


Tea Bag Bridal Invitation

Etsy • $25+

A classy yet fun idea for a simple invitation. Let the shape of the card be in a tea bag to keep the party’s theme cohesive. Each invitation is printed on cardstock and attached to a piece of twine to resemble the tea tag. 


Tea Party Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations 


An old fashioned, classic tea party invitation to provide guests with the information needed for the bridal shower! White envelopes are included for each invitation.

Elegant Bridal Shower Invitations

Elegant bridal shower invitations are simple, yet classy. Design a card that speaks to the bride and the type of party being hosted!


Pretty Threads Bridal Shower Invitation

BasicInvite • $0.71

Simple, vintage design created with classic colors for an elegant look. Foil is available to add shine to the invitation and refine the colors and card shape. Matching thank you cards are at an additional cost. 


Wedding Shower Invitations

Zola • $2.03

Personalize the invitation with a picture of you and your significant other! Matching accessories come with each purchase at a cost.


Deco Type Bridal Shower Invitation

Shutterfly • $1.52

A modern take on an invitation. Add a picture of the bride on the back for extra personalization. Thicker cardstock is also available for a more luxurious feel.


Arched Bridal Shower Invitation

Minted • $3.60 per card

A modern take on an invitation. Add a picture of the bride on the back for extra personalization. Thicker cardstock is also available for a more luxurious feel.


Blooming Rings Bridal Shower Invitation

Shutterfly • $1.82

A royal blue and gold invitation screams elegant! Simple designs create a card guests will adore leading up to the shower. Customize the color and trim to make it personalized to the bride. 


Pure Heart Bridal Shower Invitations

Minted • $2.03

On Minted you can personalize the bridal shower invitation templates with a picture of you and your significant other! Matching accessories come with each purchase at a cost.


Elegant Side Bridal Invitation

Minted • $3.65

Calligraphy shaped wording foil pressed on for an element of shine. Six color themes and twelve foil colors to choose from will make these invitations one of a kind!

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

For the simpler bride, a minimalist design is fitting. These classic bridal shower invitation ideas will show guests the party details without going overboard on theming.


Simple Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Etsy • $7.17

A bridal shower invitation looking delicate and minimalistic. Purchase an editable file to make the cards unique to the bride and are available as instant downloads so you can print them at home. An inexpensive way to send out physical invitations. 


At Last Bridal Shower Invitations

The Knot • $1.79

A classic bridal shower invitation for the simplistic bride. Skip expensive gold foil and go with a design that mimics the aesthetic. Cool-toned neutral color-themed invitation guests will enjoy receiving in the mail!  


Modern Calligraphy Blank Bridal Shower Invitations


A modern take to the bridal shower invitation. Minimal designs with fill-in options for the party information. Perfect for an intimate party celebrating the bride. 


Unity Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Minted • $2.51

Simple and modern option to a normal invitation. There are many colors and options to customize, and get a sample to confirm it’s what you want!


Morning Florals Bridal Shower Invitations

Basic Invite • $0.71+

Intricate floral decorations grace the top of each invitation paired with swirling calligraphy for the name of the bride. Foil and a combination of colors and fonts are available to personalize.

Rustic Bridal Shower Invitations

For a rustic themed wedding, a rustic theme bridal shower will fit in perfectly! Let the invitations speak for themselves as guests can prepare for a day of fun celebrations.


Rustic Lit Bridal Shower Invitation

Shutterfly • $1.82

Faux wood backdrop to a simplistic design on an invitation. Yellow dots surround the card, signaling twinkling lights. Pre-printed addresses and envelopes are available on the website.


Bohemian Bridal Shower Invitation

Etsy • $6.50

Let the country-side of the bride come out at her rustic themed bridal shower! Flowers sticking out of a cowgirl boot with string lights is bohemian in every way. Other bridal shower items are available with the same design, keeping the theme cohesive. 


Rustic Fill-in Bridal
Shower Invites


For a smaller guest list, amazon has many styles of invitations. Handwritten invitations are time-consuming but a wonderful money saver!


Rustic Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitations


Sunflowers are a pretty addition to any party! Purchase fill-in bridal shower invitations to provide a DIY element to the shower. Each package includes 25 cards with matching envelopes.  

Couples Wedding Shower Invitations

A unique bridal shower option is to have it co-ed! Invite both guys and girls, making it a fun yet casual bridal shower celebrating the couple together. Here are some wedding shower invitations for both the boys and girls!


Wedding Shower Invites

Zola • from $1.49 each

Hosting a couples shower or an event without a bride? Consider a wedding shower invitation inviting both sides of friends and family for the engaged couple. Add matching paper for cohesiveness throughout the party


His And Hers Shower Bridal Shower Invitation

Shutterfly • $1.86 per card

Simple yet modern invitations come in many shapes, colors, and paper types are possible to choose from. Envelopes are included to send out to guests.

Evites for Bridal Shower

A simple and effective way to invite guests to the bridal shower is evites! Online bridal shower invitations allow you to send the invite directly to their phones and save lots of money and time in the process.


Evite Bridal Shower Invitation

Greenvelope • $1.00+

Design a bridal shower invitation looking identical to a physical invitation. The guests will open the invitation on their phones, seeing a real card. Many features and organization tools are available. 

Etsy-Minimalist-bridal shower invites

Minimalist Shower Invitation

Etsy • $3.56

Differently designed invitations at home. These invitations are printed, or sent through email to guests. Making the purchase cost-efficient and simple. A quick and instant download to start editing immediately. 


Wildflower Bridal Shower Evite

Etsy • $3.25

A floral designed e-vite including matching colors in the writing piece. Personalize the design with instant access after purchase. Customize the evite to create a one of a kind bridal shower invitation!


Beige Text Message Bridal Shower Invitation

Etsy • $5.81

Send e-vites to guests phone, a much simpler process to bridal shower invitations. Edit instantly and have the option to print at home or send electronically.

Tropical Bridal Shower Invitations

Tropical bridal shower invitations are a fun and vibrant way to invite guests to the party! Whether a Hawaiian luau or a fun day in the sun, tropical invitations are loved by everyone.


Tropical Brunch Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Minted • $2.74

Tropical colors and florals for a bridal shower that is fun and inviting! For a colorful bridal shower, use an invitation to match perfectly. Decide from different brightly colored themes. 


Floral Tropical Bridal Shower Invitation

Etsy • $9.99

A bridal shower invitation for the tropical lovers! A Hawaiian luau themed invitation for guests to prepare for the actual party. Download the invitation and print at home for inexpensive cards. 


Tropical Floral and Peach Bridal Shower Invitation

Zazzle • $2.49

Peach colored invitation with tropical flowers decorating the side of the card. Printed or digital is available to choose from. Different paper types and shapes are available. 


Tropical Papaya Bridal Shower Invitations

Minted • $2.14

A simply made invitation with delicate greenery and tropical foods. Color themes and silhouette shapes are available to customize to the bride’s liking.

Bridal Shower Invitations for Your Pre-Wedding Soiree

More often than not, bridal showers take place during the daytime, but feel free to switch things up and plan a nighttime soiree! You can further customize the event with food, a unique location, and decorations. Some love to host a brunch with their closest family and friends, while others choose to host a dinner for a night in!

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon tea party or cocktails, champagne, and desserts in the evening, you’ll want to find the perfect bridal shower invitation ideas to convey the vibe and formality of your party. The most important thing is to make sure the guest of honor loves the theme, decor, and style of the event.

What do you put on a bridal shower invitation?

Bridal shower invitation wording should include the bride’s name, which will be the focal point of the invitation. The host’s name will be included as well as any other important details for guests to know when and where the shower will take place.

Be sure to include: the date of the event, the time, location, registry information for gift giving, a way to RSVP, and the names of whoever is hosting, including any family members who might be contributing.

How many months before the bridal shower do you send invitations?

The amount of time before the invitations should be sent out is up to the host! The earlier, the better for guests to make the right plans for the event. Typically, invitations are sent out six to eight weeks prior to the shower taking place.

Who sends out bridal shower invitations?

Typically the host of the shower will decide and send out the invitations. Usually, this is a close family member or friend that knows the bride best! The host chooses to take on the responsibilities of planning the shower, and they will send out the invitations as well.

Best Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

There are bridal shower invitations for any idea the bride-to-be may have! Personalized invitations are available from many websites to create anything you want, digital or printed. And of course, many designs you’ll spot at popular paper provers or Etsy sellers also provide coordinating designs for other paper items like menus, place cards, signage, and more. We hope this round-up of bridal shower invitations has helped to mark this decision off your bridal shower checklist! 

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