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Make Your Own DIY Boho Dried Floral Boutonnieres

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This post is part of a DIY Wedding Flower & Decor series in partnership with Bloom Culture Flowers. In this series, you’ll find expert decorating and floral advice from Alison Fleck, design genius and founder of Bloom Culture Flowers. In this post, she shares her tips and tricks for using dried or bleached flowers and greenery in your diy flower projects!

dried floral wedding boutonniere

Dried flowers are a major wedding trend thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Boho Wedding Style. There are many benefits to using dried flowers in your wedding decor, and in this post, you’ll learn how to make your own dried flower boutonniere for your groom or groomsmen to wear. Bonus, you can also use these dried elements for bouquets and centerpieces to achieve that gorgeous breezy bohemian look you’ve been dreaming of.

Winter is the perfect season to forage dried elements for your upcoming wedding or event. Forage now, use later! Take a look around your backyard, or even the yard of a friend or family member. There are so many hidden gems, you just have to know what to look for. The whispy grass featured in this tutorial is from my own backyard!

Important Reminder:

Always ask before you cut! A lot of these things people and parks use for landscape and it’s never okay to take someone’s landscaping or to cut it from a public park. Forage wisely!

Dried Flower Boutonniere Tutorial

You can legit make your own wedding boutonnieres from old, dried, or even foraged items from your yard. Follow this easy tutorial to see how we did it and what we used!

Dried Floral Supplies:

  • Dead/Dried Crepe Myrtle Bush Buds
  • Tall Grass found in my yard
  • Dried Baby Eucalyptus
  • Dried Thistle
  • Dried/Bleached Bunny Tail Grass
  • Dried Israeli Ruscus

DIY Floral Supplies:

  • Snips
  • Floral Tape

DIY Dried Floral Boutonniere Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial for Dried Floral Boutonniere

dried floral boutonnieres step 1

1. Start to Layer in Dried Pieces

I like to start with leafy greenery or larger pieces first.

dried floral boutonnieres step 2

2. Add in other dried bits.

I went with dried eucalyptus for variation in color and texture.

dried floral boutonnieres step 3

3. Remove any unnecessary leaves.

Dried florals can be brittle and may break easily, just a heads up!

dried floral boutonnieres step 4

4. Layer in delicate grass.

These are the pieces I got from my own backyard!

dried floral boutonnieres step 5

5. Add bleached bunny tail grass.

These pieces really add that beautiful texture that makes it feel boho!
Alternate adding pieces to the front and back of your boutonniere to fill it out.

dried floral boutonnieres step 6

6. Finish with a dried thistle or other large focal flower.

Choose whatever item you have that is largest to be the focal point.

dried floral boutonnieres step 7

7. Finish with Stem Wrap or Floral Tape.

The stickiness of stem wrap activates when you stretch it and wrap it around itself.

dried floral boutonnieres step 8

8. Snip the ends and you’re done!

Cut off the excess stems for a clean and even look. Wrap with ribbon or other decorative accents if you’d like.

Dried Floral Wedding Boutonnieres:

Using this method, you can create boho wedding boutonnieres with whatever dried florals you have! Check out some styling options below:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this simple flower tutorial. Would you give DIY wedding flower arranging a go?

bloom culture diy wedding flower plans
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Doing your own wedding flowers has never been easier. With Bloom Culture, we set you up with a guided approach and a step-by-step process. We give you flower recipes, a supplies list, a timeline, tutorials and so much more! We are your one-stop-shop for all things DIY Flowers and we can ship the flowers directly to your door! Because with us, DIY doesn’t mean do it alone.

Content designed, created, and written by Alison Fleck of Bloom Culture Flowers

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Learn how to make your own DIY dried floral boutonnieres for a boho style wedding in this flower tutorial from Bloom Culture Flowers!
Learn how to make your own DIY dried floral boutonnieres for a boho style wedding in this flower tutorial from Bloom Culture Flowers!
Learn how to make your own DIY dried floral boutonnieres for a boho style wedding in this flower tutorial from Bloom Culture Flowers!


Alison is a Martha Stewart Top Floral Designer and the founder of Bloom Culture– where we help couples through the entire process of DIY wedding flowers. We take your needs and wants—along with your budget—into account to create a DIY flower plan just for you that checks all the boxes! We take a guided approach to DIY wedding flowers ensuring we do the hard part so you can do the fun part!