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Goodwill Centerpieces

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One of the most fun things for me to do in preparation for the wedding is to work on my centerpieces. I decided early on, after I settled on what my table clothes would look like, what I wanted my centerpieces to be. I wanted to incorporate old vases, wine bottles and old hard back books. I thought this fit with my theme perfectly, would be super affordable and would be unique and different. The reason I thought it was so fun was that Ive been able to collect these over a few months time and it’s been like treasure hunting. And let me tell ya, I’ve found some treasure!

My mom, grandma and I started collecting old vases from thrift stores like GoodWill. We quickly got a ton of REALLY different unique vases!

Good Will Centerpieces

As for old hard back books, I hit the jackpot! Habitat for Humanity sells all their books for $3 a bag. The plastic bags are huge. I can fit like 10 books in there! So that makes the books practically free :-). I soon had plenty of those as well!

Good Will Centerpieces

With all the wine I have to drink to stay sane through this wedding planning process, we quickly had empty wine bottles galore also. 😉

I figure I will strategically/randomly (maybe an oxymoron??) place the books, wine bottles and vases on each table and place one flower stem in each. This will keep my flower costs down and it will make every table unique and different. My genius fiancé had the idea of placing candles on top of the books as well and just letting the wax melt down on them. This might either look super cool, or like Phantom of The Opera. I can’t decide!

Good Will Centerpieces

Good Will Centerpieces

Any suggestions? Let me know!




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