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From Awkward to Awesome: Mastering Honeymoon Fund Wording

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Nervous about how to share honeymoon fund wording with your guests in lieu of a traditional wedding registry? Check out these tips! 


How To Ask For Honeymoon Fund Instead Of Gifts

Gone are the days when couples needed to set up a wedding registry for toasters and duvet sets when they get married. While they are still popular, more and more newlyweds are ditching the traditional registry, and opting for a honeymoon fund instead.

It seems that a growing number of couples would prefer the cash to make memories on this special vacation. That little extra in the fund can help to make the difference that can make your honeymoon extra special – from shelling out on a room upgrade, or booking a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. 

And guests are glad to give you, the happy couple, something you actually will enjoy! Knowing that with a honeymoon fund, their gift is being put to use in the most memorable of ways. 

Crafting the perfect wording for your honeymoon fund request can be a delicate task. Whether it’s on your wedding invitations or your wedding website, finding the right balance of tact and grace is key. Below, we’ll show you how to navigate honeymoon fund wording with finesse and give you some examples of phrasing and poems you can use!

Wedding Invitations Honeymoon Fund Wording

When it comes to your honeymoon fund wording, it’s essential to let your true selves shine through. Be genuine and authentic, using language that reflects your personality. If you lean towards formality, embrace it. If informality suits you better, go for it.

Whether you choose a short and sweet message or a more detailed paragraph, make sure to specify what your loved ones will be contributing to. Share a few key details about your plans, such as the destination you have in mind and the exciting activities you hope to experience. This way, your guests can envision the impact of their contributions and feel connected to your journey.

Remember, the most important thing is to express your heartfelt gratitude and make your honeymoon fund request a reflection of your unique love story.

Short Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

Here are some short but simple examples for anyone unsure of ‘how do you word a cash fund for a wedding?’

  • “Instead of traditional gifts, we kindly ask for your support in making our dream honeymoon a reality.” 
  • “Your contributions to our honeymoon fund would mean the world to us as we embark on this new chapter together.” 
  • “Help us create lifelong memories by contributing to our honeymoon fund instead of giving physical gifts.”
  • “We are incredibly grateful for your presence and would appreciate contributions to our honeymoon fund to make our journey even more special.” 
  • “In lieu of material gifts, please consider contributing to our honeymoon fund and join us in celebrating the start of our married life with an unforgettable adventure.”
  • “Your presence is the best gift we could receive. For those who wish to contribute further, please explore our honeymoon registry. Your support is truly appreciated.”
  • “We have everything we need, but if you’d like to help us create new experiences, check out our honeymoon registry. Let’s break the mold and celebrate in style!”
  • “Your love and laughter on our big day mean the world to us. If you’d like to give a gift, please choose from our honeymoon registry. Your presence is the greatest gift of all.”
  • “We’re humbled by your presence on our special day. While your presence is truly enough, if you’d like to contribute, our honeymoon registry awaits. Thank you for your love and support.”
  • “In preparation for our new life together, we have all the essentials. If you’d like to contribute, our honeymoon registry is available for you to create lasting memories with us.”

Formal Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

When it comes to formal honeymoon fund wording, you have the opportunity for greater personalization and detail compared to shorter options. 

It’s important to note that this type of wording may require additional space on your invitations, so consider this when designing your layout

  • “Dear Honored Guests,

    We are truly grateful for the love and support of our cherished guests as we embark on this new chapter of our lives. In lieu of traditional gifts, we have chosen to plan the honeymoon of our dreams. Our wedding registry includes a honeymoon fund where you can contribute to personalized experiences such as excursions, meals, and spa days. 

    Your generous contributions will help us create unforgettable memories as we begin our journey together. To make a contribution, please visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

    With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]”
  • “Dearest friends and family,

    On our wedding day, your presence will be the greatest gift we could ever ask for. Your love and well wishes mean the world to us. Should you wish to honor us further, we have created a honeymoon fund to help make our dream getaway a reality.

    Your contributions will allow us to indulge in extraordinary experiences and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. To make a contribution, please visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. We are truly grateful for your presence and your generous support.

    With heartfelt appreciation, [Your Names]”

Informal Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

If you aren’t really the formal type, then its fine to keep it a bit more ‘real’ with your request for a honeymoon fund. Informal wording gives your request a big ol’ dose of your own hilarious and down-to-earth personalities. So, forget the fancy shmancy stuff and let’s get straight to the point.

Your guests will appreiciate the directness and honesty.

  • “Hey there, lovely people!

    We can’t contain our excitement for our upcoming wedding, and we hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us! Now, here’s the deal: we’ve already got all the household stuff we need, so we’ve decided to skip the traditional registry. Instead, we’ve set up a honeymoon fund. If you feel like gifting us, we’d be over the moon if you contributed to our unforgettable honeymoon. You can even choose specific gifts like romantic dinners, spa treats, or thrilling adventures. We’ll make sure to share all the incredible moments with you!

    To make a contribution, just visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

    With heartfelt appreciation, [Your Names]”
  • “Hey, amazing friends and family!

    We can hardly believe that our big day is just around the corner, and we’re beyond thrilled to have you by our side! You know, the truth is, we’ve got more than enough stuff for our humble abode. So, instead of traditional gifts, we’ve got something different in mind. We’re asking for contributions to our honeymoon fund, because who doesn’t love a kickass honeymoon, right? Your donation will help us create unforgettable memories that we’ll cherish forever.

    You can make a contribution at [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

    Thanks for being part of our journey. Let’s celebrate in style!

    Much love and gratitude, [Your Names]”

Describe Your Honeymoon Plans in your Wording

To make you plans really unique and meaningful for your guests, you can share a little about your chosen honeymoon destination and explain which activities you’ll be doing when you are there. 

If your guests feel like they know more about your honeymoon plans, they often feel a lot more open about gifting you the cash for the cause!

  • “We’re heading on our honeymoon to the Riviera Maya in Mexico! It’s a very special location for us, as it is where we get engaged and we are so excited to return as newlyweds.

    We are looking forward to spending some days lazing around the pool at our resort, but are also looking forward to connecting with nature and each other with some special activities!

    As [name] is scuba certified, we thought it would be wonderful for [name] to try a diving experience too! (He’s always going on about how amazing it is and how much I would love it!)

    We are also planning to have a romantic beach picnic, enjoying some of the finest foods of the region, and toast with some champagne on ice.

    Finally, we want to enjoy some R&R time, with some luxurious spa treatments! We all need a massage after the stress of wedding planning!

    We have been saving up to make this honeymoon extra special, and we can’t wait to finally start our married life together in one of our favorite places in the world!”

Another option

  • For our honeymoon, we are going to spend two weeks exploring the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. It’s always been a dream of ours to visit Europe – what better time than as newlyweds! 

    We will start our honeymoon in Rome, where we will visit the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain to make a special wish. From there, we will travel to Napels to enjoy pizza (of course!) in the place it was created. We’ll then pop on the ferry across to Greece, and see some of the ancient wonders of the world, with a stop in Athens, and the stunning views of Santorini. 

    We finish up with a few days in a quaint hotel in Albania, where we can take it a little easier, swim, and enjoy some relaxing time in the sunshine. 

    We can’t wait to show you the photos from our honeymoon adventures!”

Wedding Website Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

You may wish to not say too much on your invite, and instead just signpost guests to your wedding website

  • “Please visit [wedding website link] for more information about our wedding and registry details.” 
  • “For more information about our special day and honeymoon fund registry, please visit [wedding website link].”

Honeymoon Fund Poems

Poetry can be a creative and engaging way to express your desire for contributions to your honeymoon fund. It adds a touch of charm and whimsy to your request, making it memorable for your guests.

Honeymoon Fund Poem

In love’s embrace, our hearts entwined,
A honeymoon adventure, one of a kind.
For our dreams to take flight and roam,
We kindly ask for a honeymoon fund of love’s own.

Your contribution, both cherished and dear,
Will help create memories, far and near. 

No gift is greater, no treasure above, 
Than the joy of shared experiences and love.

With gratitude in our hearts, we say,
Thank you for joining us on our special day. 
If you wish to contribute, we humbly implore, 
Our honeymoon fund awaits, to create memories galore.

Poems like this are really cute, and if you’re feeling extra creative you can custom write-your own version using your own names, or honeymoon destination within the wording!

In Lieu Of Gifts Honeymoon Fund Wording Poem 

Our love has bloomed, our hearts are ablaze, 
Embarking on a journey, a honeymoon phase. 
In lieu of gifts, a request we make, 
A honeymoon fund, for memories to partake.

You can be explicit and ask for cash in lieu of gifts with a short poem like this one. 

Short But Sweet 

Instead of asking for a pile of gifts, A honeymoon is our number one wish.

Get straight to the point with this simple honeymoon fund wording idea. It’s also a good one for if you don’t have a lot of space on your invitation. 

Shorter Honeymoon Fund Poem

On our special day, love will ignite, 
Your presence alone fills us with delight. 
If you’d like to contribute in another way, 
Help us on our honeymoon, in paradise we’ll stay. 
A little extra spending money, a generous touch, 
Creating memories together, we’ll cherish so much.

‘No Gifts Please’ Wording

Your presence on our special day, 
Brings joy and love in every way. 
No gifts we ask, your love is true, 
But if you wish, a different route we propose to you.

In lieu of gifts, a different plan, 
Help us fulfill our honeymoon span. 
A contribution to our fund we seek, 
For cherished memories, adventurous and unique.

Your support will make our dreams come alive, 
As we embark on this journey, partners for life. 
No gifts please, just your well-wishes sincere, 
And a contribution, if it feels right, to spread cheer.

If you feel the need to ask directly for ‘no gifts please’ in your wording, this poem is a fun way to do it – you can use it all – or just the verse you like best!

Where to Put Honeymoon Fund Wording

Your invitation contains a lot of information about your actual big day, and it can seem a bit overboard to add honeymoon funding here too.  One way is to include a separate insert card with a link to your wedding website and add your wording specific to your registry wishes.

For our older guests familiar with traditional registries, a website gives you a bit more space to explain that instead of cash or physical gifts, loved ones can easily contribute to your honeymoon fund. 

What are your tips for honeymoon fund wording? What honeymoon fund registry wording tips would you share with other brides-to-be?  

Join us in our community to talk about your top honeymoon fund wording examples! And don’t forget to follow B$B on Instagram!

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