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How to Plan a Virtual Wedding

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Wedding plans changing because of the pandemic? Have a virtual wedding! This post outlines everything you need to know to plan a live-stream wedding!

How to Plan a Virtual Wedding

Life as we knew it has come to a screeching halt, with limits on gatherings in many states. The “new normal” still isn’t quite normal, and we have no idea how long this could last. 

For engaged couples, this has meant a total upheaval in their celebratory plans. But at The Budget Savvy Bride, we are used to having wrenches thrown into our plans — usually due to finances — and have become experts in finding a workaround. Planning a wedding amid a quarantine is no different.

While of course, we would love for all of our nearest and dearest to be in attendance, right now that is a near-impossibility. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an incredible wedding day, complete with speeches, photos, vows, and being able to see everyone’s reactions. It’ll just look a little more … virtual.

Technology is going to be your best friend during these days of social distancing, especially when it comes to planning a virtual wedding. Below we’ll outline the steps you’ll need to take to plan a wedding on the internet. Plus, we share the resources that will help you execute everything as simply as possible. You’ll learn how to include your loved ones from near and far in your microwedding, minimony, or elopement. Let’s dive in!

Planning a Virtual Wedding: Step by Step

Step 1: Choose Your Platform 

Zooming in

Video conference software Zoom offers free and paid subscriptions. For $14.99 per month, you can host 100 attendees, get 1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording, and can “meet” for up to 24 hours. That’s more than enough time for a ceremony and reception! With Zoom, attendees can set up Speaker View (probably ideal for your guests to view your ceremony) or Gallery View (you, as the couple, could have this displayed so you can see all of your guests’ reactions).

You could designate a guest to take screenshots of your attendees’ reactions throughout the ceremony to include in your wedding album. Your designated readings can still be made by your guests of honor, and your officiant could even be virtual* (or you could maintain the 6-foot social distancing rule). You can still have your photographer on-site for portraits, too! 

(*May not meet the legal requirements in all areas. Seek the counsel of local government officials or family law attorneys before proceeding with a virtual wedding ceremony to make sure it’s legit.)

With Zoom, you can continue the party into the reception! Your wedding party and parents can give speeches, you can share your first dance and even the cake cutting! Later we’ll cover how to include everyone in your big day in a special way, even from a distance.

Going Live! With Facebook

Another (FREE) option is to utilize Facebook Live for your ceremony. Invite your guests to a private group, and create a private event for them to RSVP to. At the designated time, your guests can hop on to watch you say your “I do”s! Facebook can act as a virtual guest book, too! Your guests can post their well-wishes in the days and weeks leading up to the ceremony. They can introduce themselves and “mingle” prior to the ceremony and continue with the sentiments well after. The video will live on in the group as long as the group continues to exist. 

Not everyone is going to have Facebook, and you won’t be able to have the same “face to face” interaction as you may with video conferencing software, but the same basic ideas apply. There are software options available, such as Be.live, that integrate with Facebook and allow multiple people to be recorded at once. But be aware that recordings are limited to 90 minutes.

LoveCast App


Need to include far-away guests on your wedding day? Try Lovecast – a simple platform for an easy and immersive virtual wedding experience. Lovecast features one-click HD live streaming access for unlimited guests, with no app download required. It even includes interactive features for your guests to enjoy – from live chat to a virtual rice toss, a virtual guestbook, and much more. It’s that simple! There’s a free option or affordable upgrade for $150 with added features!

Check out this real wedding that used LoveCast for their big day!



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LoveStream by Bustld

LoveStream is a virtual wedding service by Bustld. Now, couples everywhere can plan a wedding everyone can attend, no matter the circumstances! The platform brings you high-quality, high-definition worldwide streaming that is as beautiful as the wedding you’ve planned. They offer premium livestreaming packages starting at $350 for couples to broadcast their big day in a low-stress, professional way. Your guests can tune in to watch your celebration virtually without the need for any app downloads! They’ll view your event right in their browser on their computer, tablet, or mobile device. They can even rent you the equipment you need to pull it off.

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Wedfuly is another great company that helps couples celebrate virtually with an interactive wedding experience for guests who tune in from afar! They have two different packages to consider for your virtual wedding:

Wedfuly Livestream

Full price:

Full price: $700 – Discount with code SAVVY: $60 off

Works great for couples who want a virtual option, but are really orienting their wedding around the in-person event (i.e. don’t want to interact much with remote guests.) This package Includes: 

  • 1-hour professional livestream on wedding day
  • Rental equipment
  • Expert A/V team who works with your existing vendors and your venue to integrate a livestream
  • Remote production team to manage the virtual event on the day-of
  • Customizable landing page to send remote guests to
  • Unlimited guests & live tech support
  • Virtual photo booth & guestbook
  • Full recording

Complete Wedding

Full price: $1200 – Discount with code SAVVY: $100 off

Works great for couples who want to integrate their in-person and remote guests and truly want remote guests to feel like they’re part of the wedding. Includes everything listed above, plus:  

  • 2-hour professional livestream on wedding day
  • Dedicated Wedfuly coordinator/virtual wedding expert to collaborate creatively on executing a hybrid event
  • 2 hour-long planning calls
  • Unlimited customizations

Step 2: Organize the Necessary Tech Gear 

Tech is super key in planning your virtual wedding. At a minimum, you need a laptop, tablet or phone with a camera. If using a phone or tablet, you may also want to get a tripod to mount your device for steady, even viewing. Take your tech for a test run on whichever platform you intend to use so you can ensure quality will be up to par.

couple dancing at home

Step 3: Coordinate with Any Vendors 

While you may have had to nix your venue, rentals, and catering, a few vendors may still come into play. A photographer, for one, is a vendor you may still want to keep in the fold. You don’t need to be up close and personal with your photographer. Social distancing can absolutely still be a thing while they capture all your wedding day glory. Be sure to tell them you’re live streaming so they don’t stand directly in front of the feed!

Your cake is another piece that doesn’t need to fall by the wayside, though you may want to downsize it. You and your partner can still do the ceremonial cake-cutting and nibble on that sweetness, throughout the quarantine. Just let your baker know that instead of feeding 50+ people, you’ll need one for the two of you. 

Finally, your officiant can either join the two of you in-person (at a distance) or they can lead the ceremony online*! Just make sure to get that marriage license signed and mailed in!

A note on virtual ceremonies

(*Virtual ceremonies may not meet the legal requirements in all areas. Check with your local officials or a family law attorney to find out the specifics for your area before planning a virtual wedding.)

Since the marriage license is a legally binding contract, the couple and the wedding officiant will likely need to conduct at least part of the ceremony in person, and it’s important to make sure that you are in full compliance with your local marriage laws.

One possible solution is to have someone nearby – perhaps a roommate or family member that you live with – get ordained online through American Marriage Ministries, and have them complete the in-person legal component of your ceremony (in accordance with local marriage laws and any registration requirements, of course). Once that’s taken care of, you can go ahead and have someone else conduct the purely ceremonial component over the internet in any way you’d like since your chosen officiant might not be able to be there with you in person.

Greenvelope Digital Wedding Invitations
Stunning Digital Wedding Invitations from Greenvelope

Step 4: Inform Your Guests 

So you’ve figured out how to switch gears to get your big day all teched out, but now you need to let your guests know. Save time, energy and stay #onbrand by sending out virtual invitations. Using Paperless Post or Greenvelope, you can send out gorgeous invitations to your guests letting them know when and where to join you.

Include the meeting link to your scheduled Zoom or to your Facebook group, as well as the date and time. Now, because this is a little outside the box, you may also want to include instructions for your guests on how to turn on their video and ask them to remain muted during the ceremony. And because you’re going to be screenshotting their gorgeous mugs, let them know that you’d love to see them get a little dolled up — they’d probably love the excuse to get out of their sweats and yoga gear! 

Ask your guests to RSVP, as you normally would, so you know who to send gift baskets to, if desired. Include a timeline on when to pop the bubbles or open the snacks during your Livestream. Don’t forget to ask for song suggestions so you can all have a dance party together!

Create A Custom Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a great way to get your nearest and dearest involved during a virtual wedding. All you need to do is add your wedding hashtag to any photos and videos that you post on social media, and your friends and family can easily see them all in one place! Can’t think of a wedding hashtag that you love? Let the professionals at Wedding Hashers create one for you.

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diy flowers

Step 5: Get Prepared 

You’ll definitely want to do a test run or two before the big day of your virtual wedding, to ensure your backdrop is even, you have the right angle for recording and all of the tech is running smoothly. 

The morning of, do what you normally would — have a mimosa, host your wedding party on a separate Zoom or Facetime, take time to get ready, and spend a few minutes with your partner (or don’t if you weren’t planning on seeing them!). Make sure you two have discussed this, and the logistics. Do you want your partner waiting at the top of the “aisle” (really, standing onscreen) while you enter from another room? Do you want to start it with both of you on the screen together? Rehearse it beforehand, then figure out who is going to start the Livestream. Don’t forget to push record!

Dressed to the Nines

Now more than ever people are saying “Thank Goodness for e-commerce!” and your virtual wedding is no different. With wedding dresses and wedding suits readily available online, there’s no reason your style should suffer, even if you aren’t leaving the house.

Here are some of our favorite sites to shop for wedding attire:

Heck, you could even check Amazon for cheap wedding dresses if you’re in a big time crunch. Check out our list of top-rated Amazon wedding dresses under $100. We’ve got a list of Amazon Bridesmaids Dresses, too. 

Likewise, accessories — and even wedding bands! — can be purchased online and delivered right to your door. Blue Nile offers gorgeous sets starting as low as $595. We love shopping Etsy, too, especially gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

virtual wedding at home

Bringing it all together

So, sure, the ceremony is easy-ish to pull off virtually. But what about the reception? 

Easy! With alcohol delivery available in many states, you could order bubbly or send small bottles of booze and a mixer for your signature cocktail to your attendees. If you want to get really crafty, add your own special label to the bottles along with a mixer and a straw and include in a gift basket. 


Other ideas for a gift basket:

Of course, you can also ask your guests to BYOB to this reception! ? They can raise a glass with their beverage of choice from the comfort of their own homes.

Loving couple looking at each other in kitchen

Step 6: Get Married!

Now, all that’s left to do is say those “I do’s” for your loved ones to attend virtually. Whether you decide to keep things super simple or enhance the experience for your virtual guests by sending care packages, it will still be amazing to celebrate your union with your loved ones.

We know that these times are uncertain and unpredictable. What better way to break up the monotony of sheltering in place than by attending the virtual wedding of the year! Your guests will love it, and you can still celebrate in person when this is all behind us.

Virtual Wedding Checklist

There are a few things you want to check on to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your virtual celebration! Check out these tips for having a smooth virtual wedding:

  • Choose your Tech
  • Make sure all devices are charged
  • Check Wifi or Cellular Connection
  • Ensure all your settings are correct
  • Enlist help with your setup

Need help making your virtual wedding happen?



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A free option: Check out LoveCast for a free option to live stream your wedding! You’ll get 45 minutes of HD streaming for unlimited guests with recordings and instant playback. Plus, a beautiful event website, Live guest chat, Guests RSVP management, Automatic guests reminders (email) and the ability to invite co-hosts to manage the event! All for FREE!



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The simple solution: LoveStream. A one-way wedding live streaming platform. Your guests don’t need any technical know-how in order to attend and enjoy your virtual ceremony! No need to download any apps or mute their microphones. This makes everything simple and stress-free.



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Need more assistance? Want to make your virtual wedding even more epic? If technology isn’t your strong suit or you’d prefer to have a professional handle all the logistics during the wedding so you can focus entirely on your big day, there are virtual wedding planning services such as Wedfuly that specialize in virtual event planning and coordination. With services starting at $700, the Wedfuly team will manage all the tech and MC the entire Zoom wedding. This includes muting and unmuting guests, changing camera spotlights, playing music and media, coordinating live performances, and organizing virtual ‘reception tables’ using Zoom’s breakout room feature. All Wedfuly packages now include equipment rentals (a $250 value!)

More virtual event resources:

Would you consider planning a virtual wedding during the age of Coronavirus? We’d love to share your Zoom, Facetime, or otherwise virtual celebrations, so feel free to submit them to be featured! xx

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