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Cheap Wedding Cake

Why spend $1,000 on a custom wedding cake when most guests don’t even eat it?

Cake is a storied wedding tradition, but by the time it gets cut up and passed around, other dessert has been served and the cake usually goes untouched.

The New York Times recently reported that many more couples are skipping the cake, and its hefty price tag, as they make their wedding arrangements. Brides and grooms are opting for more creative desserts like sundae bars, candy stations and cupcake towers that appeal more to their tastes and budgets.

For couples that still want the traditional tiered confection, there seems to be a new alternative: supermarket cakes. Chains across the country, like Farm Fresh grocery store or Publix, have begun offering cakes at a fraction of the custom-cake price. The total cost? Somewhere around $300. That’s definitely a bargain.

But if cake is important to you and one of the centerpieces of your occasion, you don’t necessarily have to compromise. It’s essential to make and stick to a wedding budget, and understand that everything is a trade-off. If you spend more on your cake, you may not be able to afford something like flower arrangements for every table. Ask yourself and your partner what is most important to you on your big day.

We want to know: Would you consider buying a cheap wedding cake at a supermarket?

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  • I definitely would. I think we plan on having multiple cakes and a huge dessert table. It will save money and I’d rather have that 🙂

  • Denise

    I think the size of a wedding also comes into play when choosing a cake. For our guest list of 80, we found a place that charges $2.50 a slice for a total of $200, inclusive of decorations (and this place is DELICIOUS).

    Most of the groceries nearby charge around $20-$30 for a cake that would serve 12-16. The savings are not substantial b/c my wedding is small, but I think if I was having a larger wedding, I might consider a supermarket cake.

  • Katie H.

    This is exactly what I’m doing! I’m actually buying some very beautiful coconut cakes from Sam’s Club and will have them displayed on tiers with flowers for cake toppers. Total cost will be around $120! Plus it’s the cake my fiance and I want!

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