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Crafty Wedding in Florida

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I just know you’ll love this sweet, crafty wedding from Florida! I absolutely adore the baby’s breath bouquets and the crafty details. I love it when couples take a practical approach to planning their big day and keep their heads on straight when it comes to spending. I’m a sucker for burlap, doilies, lace and baby’s breath so I think this wedding turned out quite lovely! Hope you enjoy the lovely photos shot by Emily Katharine as much as I do! xoxo – Jessica

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Amy + John

March 7, 2014

DeBary Hall  |  DeBary, Florida

What was your wedding budget? 

My total budget was $12,000. We ended up spending about $11,700 not including rehearsal. My parents paid the most, but my in-laws helped out a lot – we are very thankful! John and I used some of our own money too.

Invitations- $100 total – $45 for invitations and $45 for reply cards. $10 for thank you notes.
Venue- $1,300 DeBary Hall, A 121 year-old renovated stable at a historic site in DeBary, Florida (just outside of Orlando).
Caterer- $4000 (our splurge)
Booze- $350
Photographer- $865
DJ and lighting- $950
Decorations- $350
Flowers- $220
Chairs- $350
Dress with alterations- $1000
Tuxes- $550
His ring- $55, the cost to have his grandfather’s resized
Her ring- $350
Officiant- $200
Shoes and accessories- $75
Cake- $350
Candy bar/favors- $100
Attendant’s gifts- $100
Parent’s gifts- $200
License- $100
Photo Booth- FREE!! He was just starting his business and used my wedding to advertise.
Hair, nails, makeup, eyelashes- $115; Hair – $65, Nails – $30, lashes – $20

How many guests did you have? 

We invited 120, about 80 showed up and only 75 ate dinner and cake.

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding? 

I pretty much made everything! The centerpieces, the layout/design of the room, the bouquets, the Christmas lights wrapped in tulle, the arch that we walked through during the wedding (I even sewed that baby), the candy bar table, the guest book table…everything! If I had to buy something, I tried to make sure I would be able to use it again in the future. The dishes at the candy bar, the vases for the flowers, and the Christmas lights will all be used again.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money? 

I didn’t hire a wedding planner. I bought a book, signed up for TheKnot.com and stayed organized (and this was all during physician assistant school- hence the tiny budget). I used an unconventional wedding venue. DeBary hall has hosted a few weddings but it isn’t one of those “booked every weekend” venues. I borrowed the burlap squares for the tables from my neighbors who were married in August. I was mindful. I purchased my wedding invitations from Mixbook.com because, honestly, I feel like (sadly) people often throw them in the trash anyway. I purchased wholesale baby’s breath for bouquets and centerpieces instead of expensive flowers, except for my bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. I purchased my dress at an outlet bridal shop— to this day my dress was my favorite thing about my wedding…yes, yes besides marrying my husband. In the end, I think what saved me the most was doing all my decorations by hand. I spent a year preparing decorations and crafting.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side? 

If you are on a budget, it’s totally possible to stick to it! You just have to want it and have the time and patience for it. It’s not easy but it is worth it. We aren’t in any debt, nor are his parents, and my parents didn’t have to sell their first born son (whom I love dearly).

What was your biggest wedding splurge? 

My caterer. My family and I love food and boy, was that good food!

What was your favorite detail? 

Besides my dress, I adored the colors and overall theme. Everything that I worked so hard to make came together seamlessly. The venue looked rustic and down-to-earth which is what I was hoping for.

What is the most memorable moment of your wedding day? 

Reading my vows to my husband and knowing that my grandmother-in-law was watching the wedding from her hospital bed via Facetime.


Caterer: Creations Catering and Events  //  Photographer: Emily Katharine  //  DJ: Fun to Dance  //  Venue: DeBary Hall  //  Chairs: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals  //  Cake: Publix  //  Photobooth: Fotobooth Expressions  //  Lashes: By Pia  //  Dress: Minnie’s Outlet  //  Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse  //  Flowers: Flower Expressions


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