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Savvy Lifestyle Hacks to Save Time and Money during Wedding Planning

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Want to treat yourself but you’re also trying to save money for your wedding? Try these savvy swaps to save time and money on your favorite indulgences.

Savvy Lifestyle Hacks to Save Time and Money during Wedding Planning

Is it just us, or is life post-pandemic just as busy as the before times? Either way, planning a wedding definitely takes up a lot of time (and money, let’s be real.) Here at B$B, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make your lives simpler, savvier, and less stressful… and that means sharing resources that will save you time *and* money.

And just because you’re watching your spending doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice the luxurious experiences you love. You can treat yourself for less and free up some time in your calendar with the help of some savvy services and products below. Talk about a lifestyle hack – these products are going to help you stay sane and savvy while wedding planning!

Check out these time-saving at-home versions of your favorite indulgences from some of our affiliate partners. (Plus, we’re hooking you up with some discounts… because that’s how just we roll around here!)

Trim your takeout budget and opt for Freshly

Let’s be real… cooking for ourselves can be a lot of work. If we’re being honest, after months of lockdown in 2020, the last thing we wanna do is cook for ourselves. But often when we’re not in the mood to cook, it’s easy to fall into the habit of ordering takeout– which isn’t always great for your health or your wallet. So we were super excited to learn about Freshly – a meal delivery service that ships fresh, delicious, and healthy meals right to your doorstep that you can easily heat and eat!

And when we tell you that these recipes are LEGIT delicious… we mean it! At around ~$10 per meal, it’s really reasonable and it keeps from letting leftovers go bad in the fridge. Not to mention… no dishes to clean! (Aka, more time for wedding DIY projects or spending time with your fiancé.)

PS- get $30 off your first 3 orders of Freshly Meals with code: SAVVY30AFF

Replace pricey boutique fitness classes with obé

If you’re looking for short, effective workouts that you can do from the comfort of home or even on the go, you’re going to love obé. Boutique fitness classes can cost a pretty penny, and let’s not forget about the commute time to and from the studio. Get your sweat on without ever leaving your home with obé’s vast library of on-demand and live-streamed fitness classes.

Classes are available 24/7– so you can easily work this into your schedule. From 5 minute stretching or meditation sessions to hour-long sweat sessions that will really get your heart pumping– you can choose the options that works best for you.

And just FYI– this isn’t about losing weight, it’s about moving your body in a way you enjoy and that’s also convenient for you. There’s a good assortment of high or low-impact, and serious workouts to fun stuff like dance hybrid workouts if you want to infuse your day with some JOY!

PS: get 30% off your first month of obé with code SAVVY30 at checkout!

Swap your nail salon visits for DIY manis with this kit from Olive & June

When you’re rocking that new engagement bling, more eyes than ever will be peeping at your hands. If you’re cringing at the cost of twice-monthly manis at your local nail salon, consider making the swap for a DIY option like the incredible Mani Kits from Olive & June!

Olive & June’s salon experience was raved about by customers in Beverly Hills, and now they’re bringing an elevated experience to your home with their mani kits. The Perfect Match consists of their most-loved colors by brides-to-be to help you find The One– the color you want to wear on your big day, or every day!

Learning to DIY your own nails is a lifestyle hack you can enjoy reap the benefits from long beyond your wedding planning days. Make it a weekly ritual and you’ll save hundreds of dollars over the course of your engagement. Just think about what you’ll spend those savings on!

PS: Get 20% off any Olive & June System (Mani System, Pedi System, Complete System) with code SAVVY20 at checkout!

Skip dentist office whitening appointments and use BRITEN

Want wedding white teeth for your big day? You may have checked into professional treatments at your dentist’s office and realized they don’t come cheap. Feel free to skip the in-office sessions and try BRITEN! You can get amazing results at home for a fraction of the price with this fabulous combo kit from the creators of Bride Brite & Groom Glow.

BRITEN is the world’s most effective at-home teeth whitening kit – it’s got everything you need to get whiter teeth in one convenient (and beautiful, we might add) box. Using BRITEN, you can get whiter teeth for your wedding in just 10 days! Sounds like quite a time-saver to us!

Pssst: you can get 40% OFF Your Purchase of BRITEN with our exclusive code shared on The Bouquet Toss Podcast! Check the episode here.

Trade costly tanning treatments for TEMPTU

Professional airbrush spray tans can cost up to $100 for one treatment and typically fade within a week. But we know how many gals want to look like (naturally) bronzed goddesses on their big day, so what’s a bride on a budget to do? This goof-proof, professional-grade, at-home tanning kit from TEMPTU is the savvy solution you’ve been looking for!

This one-of-a-kind 3 piece tanning collection is the Ultimate Airbrush Self Tan Starter Kit and will keep you bridal bronzed all the way through the honeymoon! Best of all, the formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested for long-lasting results that you can feel great about. The formula even comes out clear, so you won’t have to worry about staining your clothing or furniture– how’s that for clean? Get the 3 piece tanning kit from TEMPTU today and start building your bridal bronze!

Save time and money with these lifestyle hacks while wedding planning so you can focus on what matters!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these lifestyle hacks you can take advantage of while wedding planning… (and long after, truthfully!) Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to indulge.

Remember, we’re not broke-ass brides… we’re *savvy* brides. We make savvy decisions that save us time and money while giving us the pampering we deserve along the way. Life is meant to be enjoyed, right? And best of all, these options give you the ability to stash away some extra cash for those wedding splurges you’ve been dreaming of!

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Want to treat yourself but you're also trying to save money for your wedding? Try these savvy swaps to save time and money on your favorite indulgences. 
Want to treat yourself but you're also trying to save money for your wedding? Try these savvy swaps to save time and money on your favorite indulgences. 
Want to treat yourself but you're also trying to save money for your wedding? Try these savvy swaps to save time and money on your favorite indulgences. 


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