Wedding Budget Tip #45: Grocery Store Wedding Cake

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Wedding Budget Tip #45: Choose a grocery store wedding cake.
Wedding Budget Tip #45: Choose a grocery store wedding cake.

Wedding Budget Tip #45:

On a really tight budget? Consider a grocery store wedding cake!

One way to cut back on costs is to seek out alternatives to traditional wedding vendors. I have nothing but respect for all wedding professionals and the work and artistry they can provide, but unfortunately, it's sometimes unrealistic for a budget bride to be able to afford their services. If you find yourself in a tight spot with your wedding budget and are looking for a way to slash your wedding spend, consider a grocery store cake!

Publix is well- known for their awesomely delicious cakes, and you can get a gorgeous and simple wedding cake for a fraction of the cost of a boutique wedding baker. Another grocery store cake option would be to order sheet cakes to serve your guests, as the labor and time involved in creating them is much lower than a traditional tiered and decorated wedding cake.

Grocery store bakeries can often accommodate different flavors for a much lower cost, so what's the harm? You still get a delicious cake and you'll spend far less. If you're unable to afford a traditional wedding cake, a grocery store cake is a great option for your big day!

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So tell us: would you consider purchasing a grocery store wedding cake?

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