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Hello hello!

Ok so my sister and I had our first DIY centerpiece trial today using my favorite idea. I found this picture from a wedding posted on The Knot that I fell absolutely head over heels for, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to do something very similar with my own centerpieces:

So here's what we tried:

First, I bought a few assorted candlesticks from both Michael's and Dollar Tree. The wooden ones are from Michael's and they are a bit more expensive ($3/candlestick), but all of the rest are from the dollar store which happily makes them $1/candlestick (:


Then comes spray painting! I bought black satin spray paint for like, $5. Easy peasy.


Please pardon the fact that these pictures are all taken in my parents' garage. Oh and that's my sister/Maid of Honor Becky! (:


I also picked up some fake flowers from Michael's in the types/colors I want (roses and hydrangeas):


I cut off the stems and stuck one flower in each candlestick and they ended up like this:


And THEN we did a little mock up at the kitchen table!


I am tremendously happy with the result! We're going to try one more test using real flowers to see if this concept works in real time (there isn't a lot of room for flower stems in the candle sticks, so I just want to make sure it works ok).  I'm thinking about getting some of that green flower foam to help keep the actual flowers in place/watered; hopefully it turns out just as fantastic! We also want to try to find a few candelabras to mix it up at a few tables so that they're not all the same. We might throw in a few black vases with straight up bouquets in them, too!

But what do you think?!

Have perfect weeks!


p.s. thank you so much for all of the helpful input on my last post! I completely and absolutely appreciate it! (:

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  • Stephanie

    Love these!! I have to be honest, I rarely think a replicated diy looks as good as the original but in this case you nailed it!

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I was super nervous about it, too. I'm glad you think I replicated ok!! 😀

  • Quick tip for the real flowers – hydrangea need LOTS of water or the wilt quickly. Unless you are clipping them and setting them up an hour or two before the reception, I recommend putting them in a vase with more water. So, if you can find some vases you like, maybe save those for the hydrangea stems!

    • Thank you so much, Becky! I had no idea. That is definitely helpful since I'm not going to be employing a florist so I wouldn't have found out until too late 🙂

  • OMG those came out amazing!!! Just like the picture!! I am loving your blog! SO cute and glad I found you!! I'm hosting a giveaway this week for a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings, I hope you'll stop by and enter! Have a great day!

  • style:thrifted

    Super cute! PS Where do you live that you have a PINK TRASH CAN?! Awesome.

    • Haha it's actually a Breast Cancer Awareness trash can! Isn't that baller?! I think you can just order them through whatever trash service you get–a ton of my neighbors have them because one of my neighbors was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • I love this. You did a great job! It also looks like there are ribbons/feathers in the inspiration pic. You can probably use those to your advantage when trying to hide the green foam when you try the real flowers. :o)

    • Yes!! The ribbon and feathers are both on my to-buy list, too! I think that will make them exxxxtra cute 🙂

  • wedding favors

    Your ideas are very nice. It can be easily made at home. You just need to complete all the materials so that it won't take so long for you to finish the task. 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much! They do take a bit to assemble and get "just right," but I'm planning (hoping?) on getting pretty much everything I can done beforehand so the set up at the reception hall is easy peasy 🙂

  • Very nice centerpieces! Actually,it is a great idea! Thank you very much for tutorial!:)

    • Thank you too much! I know, as soon as I saw the picture from theknot, it just spoke to me! 🙂

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