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Any of these affordable gowns from Nordstom would make a stunning wedding gown that could easily be worn again (what do you mean you weren't invited to Diddy's ”White Party?”) haha. But seriously- I just don't see the point in spending so much money on a dress you'll never wear again, and I just feel like a cupcake every time I try one on. These affordable gowns from are all so lovely and comfortable looking. Have any of you used a non-traditional dress as your wedding gown?

Stupid Tennessee doesn't have any Nordstom stores…. Atlanta here I come!! Or I will continue to shop online at

Aren't these lightweight casual dresses so dreamy? They're all very reasonably priced- could be worn again, and look über comfy. All by Calvin Klein- dontcha just love 'em? 🙂casual affordable wedding dressesPhotobucket

glam affordable wedding dressesglam affordable wedding dresses

These are a tad more on the classic side, with some nice details like beading or interesting shapes. Super chic, no? And also all relatively on the less expensive side!

romantic affordable wedding dressesromantic affordable wedding dresses

These dresses are so romantic and lovely to me- they just transport me to another place and time. Aren”t they just so elegant?


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  • All of these look gorgeous!!! Stunning and perfect, and much closer to my taste than a lot of “real” wedding dresses. I especially have a big crush on the $208 casual one, which would look amazing with a colored sash (btw this looks anything but casual to me…)

    One thing though… Before you drive to Atlanta (but if you wanna go, go, and I think you also wanted to make it to IKEA, right?), are you sure these gowns are actually sold in stores? If they’re like Target and J.Crew, well, bridal dresses are only available online. Just wanted to potentially save you from disappointment…

  • I love them all. I like every dress on this page more than 90% of wedding dresses I see on the web every day. Hooray for affordable gorgeousness!

  • kay*

    wow! a lot of these are so gorgeous! especially love the romantic one for $180 – beautiful!

  • britt

    these are amazing! I would wear any one of them, and I cannot wait to hear how they look on!

    If you come to atlanta, be sure to bring extra gas because we have NONE here!!

  • AmyJean

    Loving the romantic ones

  • I love these. I had this Nordstrom page bookmarked when I was dress shopping.

  • Mrs. B.

    The $346 Glam dress reminds me so much of Sus’ wedding dress! I think the $248 glam or $180 romantic have potential for you. And you know we’re getting Nordstrom’s at Green Hills, right? It just won’t be there in time for your wedding, unfortunately :-(.

  • I love the GLAM one for $248!!

  • isabel

    Ok: I bought my dress at! It’s one of the $200-ish silk Calvin Klein dresses, and it’s lovely. I really didn’t want anything poufy or sequinned, and the quality of the dress itself is way better than anything I could have afforded at David’s Bridal on my tiny budget.
    Warning: they probably don’t carry these at the retail stores. You’ll have to order them online, but you can return them if you don’t like them (yay!), and shipping is free over a certain amount. They make returns very easy. I bought 3 and returned 2. Also, you can buy them online and return them to the store! Nordstrom is awesome.

  • misspurple

    Just when I thought I was OVER second-guessing my dress, you share these! Thanks a lot!! LOL 😀

  • Cheryl

    These dresses are beautiful I think they would work great for your outside ceremony. I especially love the romantic ones. I think you should definatly try some of these on

  • I bought my dress at Nordstroms wedding and couldn’t be happier! It’s actually one of them you have pictured… I also had to try on the bottom BCBG one because it reminded me of Tori Spelling’s Dolce gown. Gorgeous! Just a little too bohemian for me.

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