DIY Project: Flower Pot Table Numbers

sponsored post DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers

DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers

Planning a DIY wedding can be alot of work if you're planning to tackle alot of projects yourself. Luckily there are ways to make your DIY efforts simpler with the help of products from Michaels. Michaels craft stores have tons of great products you can use to personalize your special day, with tons of great DIY ideas on their website at!

The folks at Michaels asked me to create one of the projects on their site and share a tutorial with our readers to show you just how easy their products are to use! I chose to create their Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers for this tutorial- a great way to label your tables for your guests and so cute that they could be reused for many different occasions!

DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers

BRIDES® Favors – Chalkboard Flower Pot

BRIDES® Chalk Marker

BRIDES® Embellishments – Felt Flower


Styrofoam® (or Florist Foam)


Wooden Dowels

DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers

  1. I purchased larger blocks of foam because they were cheaper, so I cut the foam into small chunks and put the pieces into each of the chalkboard pots.
  2. Next, cover the foam with moss. I used some adhesive to stick the moss to the foam pieces to make sure it was secure.
  3. I attached a felt flower to each wooden dowel using the adhesive sticker that was on the back of each flower.
  4. Then, I stuck three finished flowers on sticks into the Styrofoam®. It's important to vary the heights of each flower for added visual interest.
  5. Finally I finished the look by writing a table number on the front of each chalkboard pot using a BRIDES® chalk marker. You could also use regular chalk as an alternative.

DIY Project: Chalkboard Flower Pot Table Numbers

Voila! An adorable table number!


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*This post was sponsored by Michaels.

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