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My hands are cramped, my neck hurts (because naturally, I have to turn it a little sideways to write addresses straight), and I’m reminded of how horrible my handwriting is. This means– INVITATIONS ARE FINALLY HERE! WOO!!!

Bridesmaid Whitney designed some fabulous green invites for us, and they’re finally back from the printer. I ordered my envelopes in advance from to where I could have everything matched in color to the actual invitations, and also have all of my envelopes addressed and ready when the invites got here. We were able to get square flap corners to make the evelopes look a little nicer and they had a lot of different colors available. There were of course fancier options, but I feel like we did well within our budget. We made sure that the invitations stayed light enough to only need standard postage and fit in a standard sized envelope as well.

We had one invite, and one slightly smaller RSVP/info card and had them printed at Midtown Printing in Nashville. Whitney works with them on several projects and had a good relationship, so we stuck local in knowing that they would do a good job. She also designed a paper band to secure the two pieces together. We were able to print those ourselves on large sheets of paper and cut them, fixing one around each invite/RSVP card and securing with a small piece of double-sided tape. One of my other bridesmaids, Stefanie, was a huge help in getting things banded together and ready to go.

green invites

green invites

One “extra” that I purchased early on was a nice looking address stamp that we can use on all invitations, thank you cards, and anything we mail in the future. I found it on ETSY from Note Trunk and I’m absolutely in love with it. When address labels are gone, they’re gone. I much prefer the stamp vibe and we’ll never run out!

green invites


Although I had a little internal struggle with walking the line between being cheap and logical, I’m pleased with our decision to avoid the actual mail-in RSVP cards. The card with the invitations directs guests to our wedding website for additional information and also lists our contact information for anyone who is uncomfortable with the online options.

Are online RSVPs something that anyone else has experience with? Good? Bad?

green invites



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Emily is a Nashville bride planning a rustic "barn" wedding on a $12k budget. She's a creative DIY'er and bargain hunter who enjoys music, golf, and her goldendoodle, Conway. Emily & her fiance Eric look forward to tying the knot in May, and throwing one big party full of wedded bliss afterwards.

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  • erin

    Sacramento is spelled wrong. Erg.

    • Oh no! I hope that Etsy seller didn’t sell that to someone with the misspelling! Eek!

  • Emily, I actually used online RSVPs for our wedding and it worked great! So much less expense to worry about and anyone who might have been ‘computer illiterate’ either called or had someone help them submit the RSVP. It was a great experience for us!

  • Luckily ours arrived spelled CORRECTLY, and yes, you’d think they would use a better example on their site!

    The online RSVPs have worked great. I also liked that we didn’t have to wait for the little cards to arrive via snail mail and were getting RSVPs just a few days after mailing invitations.

    I wrapped up the RSVPs yesterday (wooooo!) and would highly recommend giving the online alternative a shot!

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